Filthy Animals- 12.5 mill, Gold 2 alliance recruiting

We are a highly experienced, casual alliance of adults. We understand the demands of work and family, but enjoy playing the game very actively. We run weekly AQ maps 554 or 544 and allow members to play fluidly in them based on their chosen activity each day. We have assigned battle groups and paths for war and have a rating of around 1500 and have finished gold 2 the past 4 seasons. If this sounds like a good fit for you, hit me up on line: waddaboutme

We are currently seeking 1-2 members.


  • WaddaboutmeWaddaboutme Posts: 118
    We still have one vacancy.
  • WaddaboutmeWaddaboutme Posts: 118
    We’ve filled one spot but still have one vacant. Majority of players are from either US or Aus. Hit me up on line: waddaboutme if interested.
  • WaddaboutmeWaddaboutme Posts: 118
    One day left I tilt eh new season begins. If you’re looking for a new home now is the ideal time. Contact me today If interested.
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