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Can i complete Act 5?

Will i be able fo complete Act 5 with this team?

Also - On who from my roster i shoud focus maximum effort?

5* (RNG hates me)


  • JRock808JRock808 Posts: 1,149 ★★★★
    edited January 2019
    3 of your 10 5* are amazing. If I could pull usable champs at a 30% clip I'd be ecstatic. Hell, I'd settle for 3%.

    I'd take stark spidey as high as you can and take him everywhere. Hype and Medusa aren't as good unduped but very capable.

    You also have duped 4* ghost and void. You may want to spend some time on YouTube watching vids of the champs you have.
  • BigFnMike93BigFnMike93 Posts: 53
    You can definitely become uncollected with those champs but completion will be tough ch3 is a pain long fights you need a couple good champs of each class or rank sparky up and he’ll still hit hard with the weakness I used my 4/55 stark for most of ch 3 and ch 4 is pretty tough that’s when you get to the more challenging bosses but an initial run through isn’t so bad check out videos or guides on reddit and that will help you with which paths to take
  • AnnatarAnnatar Posts: 41
    Thanks for suggestions, i will focus my max effort on ranking Stark-spider first.
    My 4* Medusa had 40 lv sig, so i stick with her fo now, instead of unduped 5* Medusa and Hyperion.
    My Void has 20 lv sig, while Quake is 35 lv sig. Is he really so much better than reh and worth max leveling?

    Also, my weak point is a skill chapmpions. is there anyone in my roster than can be useful for act 5?
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