Need help with uc diablo

I dont know how to fight him n his unstoppable is making me remember uc. The champion ;/


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    void should be great for him tbh, i took him down with a 5/50 quake and a 40% revive
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    Void is definitely your best option there. If you're having trouble with him like a lot of us are try running down his potion count and then using Void. I believe there two ways he drinks his potion, by dashing back and blocking or using sp1. So try using Corvus (who isn't taking him down) first and instead of trying to take him down just try getting him to waste his potions. Bait sp1 as often as possible, if he dashes back and blocks attack into his block, but once he drinks the potion get away because he'll go unstoppable. When his persistent counter hits 0 no more unstoppable and a much, much easier fight. Try saving Void for last in that scenario. I've had to revive a few times myself but I only do if I have his counter down enough, if not I chalk it up and restart. If you have IW Cap he's the top option along with that Void.
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    He has a 25% chance to brew a potion upon being struck, and a 25% chance to drink a potion upon being struck. Play defensively. Keep an eye on his brewing, and use 2-3 hit combos.
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    Ok so just were him down then he wount have potions to fight my void last fight i have a lc who can maybe tank up some hits
  • Strikerrx8Strikerrx8 Posts: 740 ★★
    Ty for the help i ran him out off potions like u told me it was still hard but not like beforenj7z4oi825ig.png
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    **disregard this
  • Best option is void. Don't hit him after his specials too cause he becomes that "latest trend" of unstoppable and unblockable from his node.
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    I beat him with Blade one run but I'm using Domino with Rhulk/Massacre synergy for him atm. She destroys him.
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    Well u have op champs woudent b surprise
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    Strikerrx8 wrote: »
    Well u have op champs woudent b surprise

    You hav op champ to.
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    How to stop his regen? I got him down to 50% then he regened back in the second fight!
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