Combat dyslexia: who else gets this?

When I'm starting a fight, I look at who I have and who the enemy is and I tend to go through a mental checklist suitable for that fight. I remind myself what I should do and what I shouldn't do, and what will end the fight quickest and safest. For example, if I'm fighting Mordo with Captain Marvel, my mental checklist goes something like: don't attack with normal attacks after parry/stun, save some power to attack when stunned if necessary, go in for heavies when power gain is triggered because Mordo won't exit block to counter heavy and this will stop power gain.

This is a very deliberate process when I'm fighting hard content, but it is more of an automatic reflex when grinding arena, especially because I'm not thinking too hard about what I'm going to bring to the fight: there's limited options and the fight is rarely difficult anyway. However, I've started noticing that sometimes this process goes awry. For example, I'll be fighting Captain Marvel with Mordo and halfway through the fight I notice I'm not attacking CM when she's stunned. I've basically flipped attacker and defender in my head and I'm playing Mordo as if I'm fighting Mordo.

I suspect this is because Mordo is one of those champs with "special instructions" and sometimes when Mordo is in the fight, even when he's on my side, those instructions trigger in my head automatically. Has anyone else noticed this happening, and if so what was the strangest result of following rules your brain told you to follow but didn't actually make sense in the fight? For me, the weirdest one I recently noticed was that I was jabbing at a Unstoppable Colossus one tiny hit at a time near the end of the fight because I was expecting him to resurrect - because I was fighting with Phoenix.


  • Yeh it happens a lot, specially in new quest's where nodes also affect the way you should play.
    Memorizing champ's abilities and how to fight them is easier for those who are playing for a long time. For new players it isn't that easy and still requires reading abilities, and sometimes even checking on some videos to know more abou the champion
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    @DNA3000 I don't think I've ever experienced that exactly. I do find after fighting a champ that requires a particular fighting style that I often fight the next champ that way. I don't know how many times I have fought a Sentinel and then caught myself doing lmlm combos on the next fight lol
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    there is clearly the difference between questing and arena.

    arena is pretty much auto pilot.
    its all about training reflexes. you see wat happens and you react.
    so it helps tone your reflexes and muscle memory of how parry timing and evades.
    i find however that can lead to alot of silly mistakes, such as hitting mordo after a parry, hitting an unstoppable jugg, pushing someone to SP3 because not watching thier power bar.

    however when questing is a clear thought process of dos and donts both before and during the fight.
    both with who to bring and how to fight.

    i dont find exactly wat you do but the problem i find i often have is somewhere in between.
    i normally bring my CAIW into fights v Jugg. i avoid using anyone else. so on the rare occasion that i bring someone else v jugg i find that on occasion i hit him while unstoppable as i am used to jugg negating that.
    i find v mordo i occasionally parry, heavy him as i as so accustom to using AA v him.

    so for me it is a matter of slipping into a rhythm and a routine that i am used to even though i am telling myself to avoid certain things.
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    No dyslexia but I would be lying if I said I never experienced the myopia.

    But more times than not I feel myself suffering from this....
    @DNA3000 I don't think I've ever experienced that exactly. I do find after fighting a champ that requires a particular fighting style that I often fight the next champ that way. I don't know how many times I have fought a Sentinel and then caught myself doing lmlm combos on the next fight lol

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    I play Wasp a lot. Occasionally I am risky with other characters attempting to get a MLLL Heavy combo lol. But no this doesn’t usually happen to me. Unless it’s stun immune. Then I treat every fight that’s not stun immune like it’s stun immune
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    You can throw a special with CM while stunned? And a heavy attack shuts off Mordo’s power gain? Is this correct? I have no idea about CM.
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    After all this time, I still don’t know certain things about these champs. Crazy! 😂
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    I've definitely noticed myself doing this, @DNA3000. Usually by doing the Parry/Heavy when fighting She-Hulk, for example. Or occasionally I try and switch ammo when fighting Winter Soldier.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one afflicted!
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    Instead of "mentally switching" the attacker and the defender I find myself counting every combo.
    It's not that I want to do it. Simply my mind does it like a small robot.
    "Parry. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Back. Parry. One. Two. Three. Four. Five."
    and sometimes it's
    "Parry. One. Goddamn, the parry din't registered. Damn! Damn! Damn! I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. Parry. One.Two.Three. Four. Five. Parry. No-no-no. Too much power. Damn it! I forgot about power. Hiuh! He launched the special. I'm saved. Parry. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Yeah... another win. Damn, I'm good."
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    I haven't experienced that dyslexia but does anyone else mess up specials from time to time? I don't know why but maybe it's like an instinct... anyways, e.g. If I use anybody and I see a War Machine up ahead to fight then WM does his first special and for some strange reason I evade which then causes me to still get hit... Thus, I bleed profusely! This also happens against Punisher's 2nd special.. I tend to evade the shotguns (which won't always work) and I'll get obliterated by his machine guns.
  • While I will say combat dyslexia is rather rare for me, I do experience combat myopia pretty regularly.

    Especially when I've been fighting with Domino. If I switch to SL or someone else, I'll sit there and wonder why on earth I'm not incinerating them with my heavy, only to realize I'm not using Domino. Cue me 'turning my brain back on' and fighting the fight with normal rules.

    I tend to only do this in questing though. In arena I'm on autopilot, I don't even register the fights most of the time until I'm fighting someone unusual. (IE, new fights where I don't know the specials timing.)

    The mental instructions before the fight though? I do that every single war fight and whenever I am in Act 5, or in EQ fights with a lot of nodes. Just a mental list of whether or not I need to change my fighting style.
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