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Has been nothing but constant annoyance and frustation.

Lets talk bout the current problems i experience on android.

1. Constantly seeing connection problem appearing more often (IOS user experiencing as well).

2. Parry and block mechanics are either delayed with fps or is non response of due to a bug...example fought KP in trials on thursday where i used blade tried parrying didnt work trust me i aint rusty on that, was holding block didnt matter anyways as KP broke through it as if block didnt exist.

3. Loading screen continues to load long even to a point where i have to reboot the game especially when this happens during AQ or AW.


  • Hey RiderofHell, I understand it can be frustrating when the game doesn't perform in the way you expect. If you haven't already, please take a moment to share your feedback about these issues in the relevant threads below:

    - iOS Lag and Performance Issues Thread
    - Android Lag and Performance Issues Thread

    The dedicated thread for connection issues following the recent update can be found HERE.

    Reports submitted in those discussions can provide invaluable information that allows our Development Team to target specific areas needing improvement, and ultimately to help resolve issues like the ones you're experiencing.

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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