International Alliance Looking for Map 6 Players - Season 6 Rank 63 in Gold 1 - Top 500 in AQ

We are an international alliance looking for replacements to join us and kick ass in AW. Our focus is set on reaching Plat 3 this coming season. Ideal candidate will have Map 6 experience and be able to clear own path in AW. Someone with great communication skills will be an asset to our alliance. Daily activity is mandatory. We do 65555 or 56555 depending on AW attack days and finish top 500 in AQ. Must be able to respect others and follow directions from officers.


-5 5* R4 Champs or higher

-11 4* R5 Champs or higher

-6.5K Prestige minimum (negotiable)

-Donations: Gold 170k, 33k BC, 14k LC

-Completion: 15K, but some leeway as long as you are not leaching

-SA: Finish top 20%, no minimum req.

-Items: No minimum, but meet it every time

-Arena: Not required, but preferred

PREFERRED: someone who is capable of taking multiple paths in AW

Message me in Line App; Line ID- unseen.damage


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