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Some of you might be experiencing some difficulty with Diablo especially if you don't have void ( I don't)
Well here are some things I picked up
Most also believe the unstoppable is random. It's not. And it can be controlled

There are two important nodes on Diablo that makes him seemingly OP when in fact he's not, it's kinetic brewing and the unstoppable node(forgotten the name)
Kinetic brewing(gives him 25% chance to brew when hit) ensures that Diablo will always have a brewed concoction (rng)

Normally there are only 2 ways to drink the concoction. When he dashes back and blocks or after his special 1

The second node guarantees an unstoppable when he drinks a concoction (+the non damaging poison effect)

Now when fighting him, he's guaranteed to always have a brewed concoction (rng) so you'll need to avoid forcing him to use sp1 and also avoid hitting into his block when he dashes back. But that's if you're confident in soloing him with anyone capable.

For those like me who don't have those god tier champions, take a more easy non solo route.
Keeping the above details in mind, waste his potions in the first round using a champ you don't require for the fight. Mine was venom
Basically go into the fight and bait as much sp1 as possible (don't use the block method. He'll become unstoppable and kill you) after unstoppable go in and attack till you see brewing pop up. Then bait his sp1 again after the brewing ends. Repeat until no more concoctions are available. Then die or quit. Then take in a more suitable champ (someone that doesn't trigger buffs obviously) and fight him. No more unstoppable

Used magik to solo him with the backdraft method after wasting his concoctions with venom. If you don't have anyone with heal reversal or heal blockers, you may wanna take someone that can power control cuz you'll end up baiting and in that case, evading. Hence why magik is also suitable.

Also, if you choose to waste his concoctions, don't interrupt his sp1, if you do he'll trigger unstoppable at that moment if he has an active concoction brewed

If you can't get him to use all his concoctions, you notice the icon for any of those concoctions at 0 when you see that, don't give a chance to use a light attack. Not even on your block (that's how he switches concoctions). That way you can reduce the number of times unstoppable procs so to speak


  • Great description! Thanks!
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    Good post. This is actually the method an ally mate and I have been going with. Once he's out of his potions he's a relatively easy fight.
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    I was wrong a bit
    The kinetic brewing also gives him a chance to drink a concoction when he gets hit
    Be on your guard after brewing ends cuz your next hit could trigger unstoppable
    It is also random smh
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    I hate fighting this guy. It's such a cheap fight
  • Nice bit of strategy for your fellow Summoners!
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    This was really helpful. Took 4 champions to get him to 0 charges for me though, but after that i easily won, used void
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