Monthly Event Quest Tokens

I am player that can relatively 100% Uncollected, Master, and Heroic without much of a hassle. However, it does get boring having to 100% three maps, with the same format, fighting the same champions, etc. In order to reduce this boredom, I propose that if you complete and 100% the highest difficulty you possibly can with your account in a Monthly Event Quest --- you get a token to 100% the lower difficulty, get all of the rewards, without spending all the time to get it done.

Example: if I complete and 100% Uncollected --- I get a "token" to automatically 100% the Master difficulty. If I complete and 100% Master --- I get a "token" to automatically 100% the Heroic difficulty, and so on. Now, you can design the tokens in a way where we can collect them as much as we want (i.e. no limit) or these tokens can specifically work for the current Monthly Quest. I think this would be a good way to help us reduce the boredom. What do you guys think?


  • ManChildManChild Posts: 559
    What about legends titles and runs?

    I get tired of the same as well man.
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