What is the best strategy against spike armor?

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What are the best champions or settings against this kind of knot?


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    Which quests are you trying to complete?

    For Red Hulk in monthly EQ, you can ignore it and just go with the best champs to counter his healing or your top champs.

    For spiked armor paths in RttL and chap 5, Crossbones is the king of spiked armor as he will never trigger because he cannot crit. Other than that, regen champs and ability accuracy reducers can also get around it.
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    AA, Crossbones, Quake, and Black Widow are probably the best options in RTTL.
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    Crossbones is the best choice.
    Other options that rely on AAR are Black Widow, Wasp and Gwenpool if you can keep the combo meter, Blade against villains, Elektra if you have 5/5 deep wounds or resonate and Medusa against robots.
    Last but not least you can decide to take the damage and regenerate it. In this case there are Wolverine, Ghost Rider and (again) Blade.
  • Can SW no longer nullify spiked armor? All the videos I watch have her doing it but they're from a year ago and mine doesn't seem to be working.
  • Quake is your best bet
  • Quake is your best bet

    Surprisingly, I don't have her at all and I only have a 3* Crossbones. No good AA champs, those I do have are 3*s. Which is surprising out of 75 4/5*s
  • Crossbones as he cant crit
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    ST+KM can nullify it during debuffs. Other than that, go with the aforementioned champs. X23 is a good option since she can regen and is DoT heavy. Other DoT heavy champs like AA, Dom and Gwenpool are good. With GP, after 50 hits, it won't proc anymore (kind of moot since one of you will be dead by that point).

    Edit: Void is a great option too.
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