Im out at end of month

Dear kabam,

The game is unplayable, and has been to this level for a few weeks now. I have posted my all my info plenty of times, so don’t ask. I have sent in tickets To only get apathetic responses of hang in their and check your system. Only once did your team acknowledge something was wrong, but still nothing has been done weeks in.

It’s a shame, I really do enjoy playing this game, and love that I met so many awesome people in my alliance, but I cannot play a game that doesn’t care about its players.

If this was an issue that hurt your bottom line it would be fixed immediately. You know it’s true, we see it all the time. However, since this lagging issue causes players to use resources and units, in fear of being kicked from their alliances, kabam will be slow to respond.

I hope you can fix the network issues, as I would love to continue playing, but As mentioned above, I am out of there is no genuine fix made.

Thank you,

Brackavitch Brackaglitch


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    Cool story, bro.
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    The game is very playable. Good bye!
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    I agree 100 percent. Every other mobile game I play doesn’t suffer from constant bugs, whatever the bugs are. I’ve been playing since almost the very beginning, but it’s becoming less fun.

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    Upgrade your Nokia 3310s. No issues on iphone 8 and x.
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    Upgrade your Nokia 3310s. No issues on iphone 8 and x.

    I beg to differ. quvy74qh28zx.png
  • Hey there, we're sorry to hear that you feel this way. There are a number of factors that can impact performance on a device but we are always working to make improvements on the performance of the game. We currently have threads open in the Bugs and Known Issues section of the forums where players can report the information surrounding any performance related issues they may be experiencing on their device so that we can look into their reports. Since there are already threads for these topics, this thread will now be closed.
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