What are the best regen champs?

I need to know who to hope/grind for the help with bane node in act 5


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    X-23, Wolverine, Blade, DV is nice but probably not the best. IM and SIM are ok but not much attack or utility. GR is a good option as well and he’s bleed immune.
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    Magik is awesome for Bane
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    I basically used Bane to beat Collector while I was 100% act 5. I had a r5 5* Hypy, and yeah, I'd take pot shots at him, sure, but it was mostly just using his beefy health pool w/ Bane to do the work.

    As to the topic, X23 is a good balance of damage/regen, and she'll be my 2nd r5 5*, just waiting on that t2a from the monthly login calendar.
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    DNA3000 wrote: »
    I need to know who to hope/grind for the help with bane node in act 5

    If you're going to use regen as part of your strategy to deal with Bane, you need reliable regen. Blade and Rogue, probably. Randomly proced regen will probably just get you killed.

    But as others point out, you don't beat Bane by trying to outregen it. It helps, but mostly it helps with mistakes. The real strategy for Bane is to make Bane work for you. Bane will kill the opponent, so your job is not to kill the opponent with your attacks, your job is to learn to transfer Bane efficiently with your attacks and not get hit. The longer you can fight safely and not take hits, the more damage you will do with Bane since Bane's damage depends on your health.

    If you get a good start with Bane, you'll be dealing damage to the opponent and not taking damage back, and the longer this happens the less problematic Bane becomes. Because when the opponent has low health, Bane becomes less effective. If you get the opponent down to a sliver and accidentally get Bane transferred to you, you'll discover it isn't even doing any real damage anymore. But conversely if you make a mistake at the beginning of the fight, Bane is very potent and you will take a lot more damage from Bane. And then with lower health your own Bane transfers will deal less damage to the opponent.

    Bane is about getting an advantage and then pressing it, and letting Bane do most or all of the work. Healing helps with mistakes, but you don't win a Bane fight by trying to outheal Bane. You win by playing hot potato and making sure the other side has Bane and you don't.

    Once I learned this, I stopped fearing Bane. Bane is just a weapon, and if you use it better than the computer then Bane can actually be an advantage in a fight, rather like (if not harder to master than) Life Transfer's degen plus heal.

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    I’ve noticed compared to masochism, bane is quite easy. Just time your parries. After failing a thousand times on 5.2.4, I did 5.2.5 with like, two DEATHS. No items whatsoever (except maybe a XP boost)

    If ur aware of the strategy behind it, as DNA explains very well, it won’t be too hard.
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    Rogue was insane for me. Lifesteal helped the most in act 5.
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    Rogue is a sneaky good champ @Sirmacool. Useful in several contexts. And if you have Bane and a foe who has a lot of buffs, her life steal can be punitive in terms of turning the tables.

    Dr. Zola
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    Venom the Duck, with the proper synergies and choices, he can be regenerating over 500 a tic for the entire fight.
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    As has been said the key to Bane is timing the transfer and not having it on you much, preferably not at all. Now that I've 100% 5.4 for the better "rewards" I just have 5.2 left for Elders Bane so I'll get to see plenty of it as well.
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    King Groot awakened is the best. He has low damage though so fights take longer but he is quite fun to play.
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    Markg25 wrote: »
    Venom the duck, blade, GR & X23 👍🏼
    This,cept wolvies regen better than x23. Venom the duck over all tho
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    no minister sinister
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    I need to know who to hope/grind for the help with bane node in act 5

    X-23 did work for me on bane in Chapter 5.
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    All from the top
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    I love GR. He is a kind of awesome regen champ.
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