Combine multiple accounts into single account

I wish to combine multiple accounts into single account as it becomes difficult to manage many accounts.I also wish to combine and retain all items and champions.


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    Bahaha that's funny. Also a horrible idea. People would just create multiple accounts until they get champs they want then combine accounts. No abuse there.
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    and what happeneds when cowhale buys GencerM’s account?
  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,435 ★★★
    gudman wrote: »
    A one time combination is a very good idea.Go for it ;)

    Still rife for abuse. This just sounds like people who have multiple accounts with different champs. They get tired of different accounts so they want 1 but don't want to lose all the progress of their other account. Such a bad idea.
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    Zero chance this will ever happen for lots of reasons. Just play your best accounts and use the others to gift yourself during gifting events.
  • Please explain your understanding of abuse for combination of 2 accounts for levels below 40.Do you not have the brains to implement it? I'm certain I'm not the only one making the suggestion.Its time kabam starts listening to its players.
  • Players have worked hard.Why should they lose their items?
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    Exploitable, imagine people buying account after account full of rank 5 5 stars.
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    I run twoaccounts and I have often wondered if this would be feasible, I doubt kabam would ever do it. But if it was me I would allow a 1 time combination that allowed you to transfer all gold units and loyalty, and pass 3 champs over, 1 5*, 1 4* and one 3* over to your main account and close the second
  • Make it only for summoner level upto 25. BOTH accounts individually MUST be below level 25.Kabam make it happen.No exploitation possible.
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    I personally do not understand why people start more than 1 account in the first place. Playing one account already takes up alot of time, i cant imagine people playing 2 or more.
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    Maybe an idea is to allow the equivalent of shards (on selling all champs) be transferable to another account?
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    Horrible idea. If you choose to create multiple accounts and decide your time between them that was your choice. Kabam never gave any indication that these accounts would be able to be merged so your bad choices don't require a fix by the game team
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    Marvellous wrote: »
    Players create more than one account because other players cheat with envelope exchange.You created the problem now find the solution.In the meantime make the one time combination happen.

    What cheating is happening?
  • Marvellous wrote: »
    Players create more than one account because other players cheat with envelope exchange.You created the problem now find the solution.In the meantime make the one time combination happen.
    People aren’t creating multiple account just so that they can reliably exchange Red tickets. That is only once a year, and if you are in an alliance then you should be able to trust those ppl (just don't go out on Global and expect honest people there to trade with). You get 8 more tickets every several days, maybe those you sent them to had already used their last bunch and will return to you with the next bunch they get.

    And “worked hard for their items” ? Like just logging in to multiple accounts once a day and accumulating all those multiple Calendar Rewards ? Nope, should not be allowed to then later combine all this free stuff into a single account.
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    If they do this people would have 10 accounts just for monthly calendars. Lol.
  • Combine 2 into 1 not 10 into 1 silly... Combination of accounts will prevent multiple calendar rewards.
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    Multiple calendar rewards are not really a problem. Combined accounts would be easily abused
  • Define abuse according to you.
  • Still waiting for a satisfactory response from kabam regarding combination of accounts for low level players below level 25.
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    It's a stupid idea, kabam aren't even going to dignify with a response.

    You're either trolling or extremely narrow minded.

    You started multiple accounts knowing full well you couldn't combine them ever. Just because you may now want to because it's no longer convenient doesn't change anything.

    Bottom line play them both/all, pick one, give up the other.
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    In addition I've got 2 accounts and have had for nearly the entirety of the game, however I'd never post such an idiotic request you've done

    Suck it up and keep them both or give one up. Just get yourself together and keep your whining to yourself
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    Let’s stop breaking the rules guys
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    Marvellous wrote: »
    Shut up idiot.Nobody asked you for your stupid comments.Keep your worthless comments to yourself.

    You started a discussion about this, but yet mad when people tell you why it won’t work. Maybe don’t speak like that to others sharing their opinions. Better yet, keep your ideas to yourself if you don’t want opinions from others
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    Imagine if your account was hacked andpassword was changed and they combined too stolen account with theirs. All that hard work, sleepless nights grinding, all the money spent(if you spent money) all wasted. See how this idea is terrible?
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    edited February 2019
    Marvellous wrote: »
    Shut up idiot.Nobody asked you for your stupid comments.Keep your worthless comments to yourself.

    How about you post your fantastic rosters from your accounts your want to merge.

    Let me go first, here are mine below. Worked hard, free to play and would never dream of asking for a ridiculous idea to merge them. The only people that would ask are those seeking to shortcut and exploit, case in point, you my friend :*


    Look forward to comparing rosters, mines changed a little since i made those at the start of the month
  • My son I don't mind grinding.Just fed up of grinding and repeatedly getting 2 star champs from PHC. Its an insult to all the hard work put in and a waste of time.
    Can't see your level clearly.Surely must be near 60. How did you manage to take screenshots.Which app did you use?
    I said combine 2 accounts into 1 for low level champs below 25.
    My roster is not as impressive as yours for sure.So don't be nervous.
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