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Before My Thread was Rudely Closed...

As I was saying... I knew that my thread would get closed without anyone taking the time to see what the real issue is. The thread was not about being banned, but that's how they took it so they closed my thread down. Here was my original post:

I have been trying to get a hold of support recently, and I only get a generic response back every time. What's the deal? I get that there are a lot of people on here and everything, but can I at least get the common courtesy to have an actual person read the email I am writing and respond?

I had my account permanently banned. I have not used an emulator, mod, or hack. At most, I've used a screen recorder so that I can share some fights and crystal openings with my (now former) alliance. I have played for over a year and have spent $600 on this game to get where I was. I completed RoL, RttL, and 100% 5.2 so far. I have not, however, beaten LoL as I am not there yet. I barely make the basic arena champs, let alone have never received a new champ off an arena. I was in a Tier 3 alliance and barely had over 250k total PI. There is clearly something wrong for Kabam to think that I have cheated in any way.

If for some reason a screen recorder got me banned, then there is a problem. With seeing how many people have got a ban recently, I think that there is an error somewhere on Kabam's end. Trust me, I know that there are legit cheaters out there, but I am not one of them. I have seen dudes on this forum even admit to cheating and they only received a 129 hour ban or something, and I get permanently banned? FOR WHAT?!

And before you go on and say, "Don't discuss bans on here, there is support for that. They will discuss it with you and see about getting your account back" or whatever... NOT THE CASE. I contact support, get this basic email back, and then they close the case. Not even letting me respond or anything. How is that support?

I fully expect this thread to be closed and/or deleted, but before it is, I hope that someone over there with support or a mod reads this and understands my frustration on this. I have spent too much time, energy, and money on this game to just let them do this.

While the topic of bans does come up in this, that wasn't the point. The point is that there is no way to contact support! You try and you get an automated response. I have received the SAME EXACT EMAIL 5 times now. It's uncalled for and disrespectful. I take the time out of MY day to try and get it handled, yet they can't take 2 minutes to read my email and write something original back.

Here is another little tidbit that they failed to mention as well. "This account will remain permanently suspended, and note that Support cannot and will not overturn this account suspension. Any such actions are considered final."

I bring this last point up because @Kabam Miike posted "2. If you send an appeal, our customer support team will investigate the reasoning behind the ban and act accordingly." This can be found here:

Support will act accordingly, or are they flat out not able to overturn a suspension? How did I get a permanent ban when I didn't do anything wrong, while some dude has straight admitted on the forum that he was using a mod and he is sorry?


  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,103 ★★★★★
    Jeez dude just give them time, theres probably hundreds even thousands of players who got banned and are spamming support, even regular players are sending in tickets to report and complain about hackers, support can only do so much. They are sending generic answers because for 99% of ban ticket cases generic responses are called for because they deserve to be banned. Wait until it starts to blow over then send in a ticket. I've sent in tickets when there was no big problem in game that would cause a rush of complaint tickets and always got personalized responses in under 24 hours you just have to be patient.
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