Anyone else having problems not receiving things from glory store?

Just summited a ticket and hopefully it will get fixed quick but, I just bought 8k t4 basic shards from glory store exited after I bought them went to rank up my champ and I never received any my glory was depleted but I never received the shards. Was wondering if this has happened to anyone else lately


  • NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 670 ★★★
    Try restarting the game, this happens to me on Android all the time. If I exit the game and come back, the t4b will be there.
  • Hopper99Hopper99 Posts: 102
    I accidentally bought t2a fragments yesterday thinking I was buying t4bc because they moved the position of the items and I didn’t realize it before it was too late. I submitted a ticked and they refunded my glory within a few hours. Maybe you did the same?
  • Hey there, as others have suggested, you could restart your game and check again, but sending a ticket to our Support Team was also a good first step. If you could provide them with an approximate time that you made the purchase, they also be best equipped to look into things for you.
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