Looking for 5-6

The fallen will rise again! Need 5-6 members. Fell to high g3 cause a group of members leaving last season. Aq 5x5. HMU line:verge121


  • verge_121verge_121 Posts: 82
    Still looking for active members
  • verge_121verge_121 Posts: 82
    Looking for 4 active members
  • verge_121verge_121 Posts: 82
    Will consider taken in a group of members. HMU verge121 on line.
  • deadly316deadly316 Posts: 52
    4 members active for AQ & AW .
    Just need to know about alliance rating and
    donations and as per 4 players will be allowed to play AW and AQ
    Players game id & pi
    andy2539- 465,000
    & L0k!theking -145,000
    Line I'd is deadly3166
    If interested please acknowledge or else always
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