trophy room

sest22sest22 Posts: 836 ★★

I would like to see a section where you can contemplate the trophies obtained (titles and favors obtained after completing the acts).
They could be like comics or trophies with the possibility of being able to access from the profile of the candidates through their profile icon. And also an alliance trophy room where you can see the seasonal trophies


  • Samspade23Samspade23 Posts: 552 ★★
    That would be cool, To build on that, I wish they had a way to look at personal statistics that didnt involve using your email to check it. As for trophies, I wish they had something similar to PSN, where they could have specific trophies for beating certain content with certain parameters. I doubt they will ever do any of this though. It's still fun to discuss.
  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 774 ★★★
    there are Google Play achievements, if you're on Android.... but admittedly, they're out-dated since they're from when the game debuted.
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