13 mil gold 2 alliance LF one

OnkyOnky Posts: 294
All USA based team.line app required ( onky707) We are gold 3 currently, but normally on the verge of gold 1. Tier 9-10. We normally run map 4x5. to there is one battle group that runs map 5+6 occasionally if you are interested in that. It's pretty chill, I don't push too hard as long as your lines are taken care of in AW + AQ. We hit 400-500k SA weekly,no donations.no drama,all veterans. I'm an organized leader, so you will have a set battle group and assigned lane for aw, one you prefer. It's really a very chill group. I haven't had to recruit in 5 months. One guy just retired. Lots of growth potential here. Let me know if you are interested. It's ok to have a life and take care of your family first!


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