Connection Issues- Getting Worse, NOT Better

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I assume I'm not alone here...

I've been around since game launch. I started playing on Android back in the day, and because I loved this game so much, I actually factored that into my next cell upgrade decision, and have since played on the most recent iOS device EVERY year. The difference in loading times was so significant that I couldn't play on Android ever again.

NOW, jump to 2019. I'm playing on my iPhone XS, top of the line iOS device... and I feel like it's 2015 Android all over again. Every second screen I get "connection issues" After 80% of my arena battles, upgrading champs, requesting or giving "Help", moving nodes in AW/AQ/EQ... ALL have connection issues.

My time in game is becoming a chore instead of fun. I know this post will garner little to no response from Kabam, but I felt I needed to get this opinion out there.


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    Agreed and hoping with next update, improvement. Thank you for writing it! More of us need to continue to make noise on this issue till we see resolve.
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    agree mine has been horrible for 2 months now android galaxy s8
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    Same here. Full wifi access, Iphone 6. The worst is when fighting Mr. Sinister in master quest. Feels like Darkhawk all over again.
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    I want them to stop closing threads by saying "Post here about your device and what were you doing" and blah blah blah like Zola pointed out and just do something about it. It is not us. I wish they would just shut it with their routine copy and paste responds and tell us what the heck they are doing about it.
  • Agree with all the comments made and am fed up with all the issues, I am getting to the point of not playing anymore to save my sanity and stop stressing out over a game that I used to enjoy and love playing.
    I have had more deaths in the last 8-10 weeks in AQ and AW then I did when I was beginning the game.

    Kabam needs to stop making new champs and adding more content and look at fixing these long overdue issues first and bring back the enjoyment.

    A very disgruntled gamer 😔
  • Hey there, if you are experiencing performance issues, I would recommend checking out the threads we have going where we are gathering information on such reports. The thread for iOS can be found here, while the thread for Android is here. If possible, could you go to the thread relevant to your device and share the information requested in that thread? Thanks!
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