Silver 2 looking for members to return to gold 1

We are looking for members to help us return from silver 2 to gold 1 in AW. AQ is usually 4x5 with occasional map 3 on harder days if participation is lacking. Looking to grow members to return back to a couple of days of map 5 also.

We understand occasional inactivity due to RL issues but ask that that be communicated to an officer when issues arise. Otherwise we expect daily activity to include some participation in both AQ and AW. Need to be able to check for running events and join on own initiative though we do issue reminders.

Must have Line. Looking for 200k+ players but 150k+ will be considered if you can play well and have good participation without having to be chased down for it.

If interested add Skullbuster65, Headbuster65 or Crine60 in game.


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