Corvus taking dmg from shock on Ronin UC event boss

Alright, so I'm sure plenty of us corvus users are aware that sometimes he takes dmg from bleed, shock, and coldsnap without reason, albeit typically inconsistently. However, when attempting to fight ronin in the 2.1 part of the UC event quest, he still takes dmg from the shocks that are produced from the "E.M.P. Modification" node. Is this is a glitch or is this there a reason due to the nature of the shocks placed on corvus? Yes, I had my glaive charges up 100% of the time.


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    It’s because they are passive
  • Is not that inconsistent. Abilities that trigger at the start of the fight always had that problem.

    Read Corvus abilities again. He is only immune to the damage of shock debuffs, while Glaive's immunity is activated.

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