Non-Responsiveness of Kabam

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Hello everybody,

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I was eagerly waiting for the past couple of days to receive a response from Kabam over the questions we as a community has asked them.
I'm not saying I'm for or against the recent restrictions placed in the game, I'm just saying that we all at the very least deserve a comprehensive and heartfelt response from Kabam's side.

There have been 4 star champion deals popping up here and there, call for 1 star reviews and what not. Not once has Kabam even acknowledged our concerns.

Now that Act 6 has dropped, I'm fairly sure and hope that I'm wrong, that Kabam won't be answering or responding to our queries.

It's just extremely sad that no one from Kabam HQ, not a single person, has even attempted to comprehend the dissatisfaction prevalent in the community. If you wish to ban the 4 stars, go ahead, but please communicate with us on why is this the right move for the future of the game.

If any Forum Moderator is reading this post, it's my humble and honest request to convey to your game team, the discontent at least the majority of the community is facing and communicate with us the same.
Please it's a request.

I can't simply stand and watch by as your unresponsive nature hampers my and surely others game playing experience.

I hope that you take a few notes, and come up with a plan.
Please do not disrespect this great community.

Warm Regards
Marvel Fan


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