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So I don’t want to jump to conclusions and anger, but is this saying there will be better rewards for these pieces of content, and ONLY people who did them in the past 3 months will get them? Not everyone who has beaten it (with worse champs mind you; I beat Act 4 with a 3/30 miles morales, 4/40 SL unduped and 3/30 OG Cap 4* and the rest trash 3*) but only the people who recently did it? Is there any logic behind that? I mean, it might not really be the best rewards, but Act 3 had a 4* crystal for 100% so the rewards will likely be better, and I will never say no to 24 t5ciso and some shards.

Does someone know for sure? I just want info about the logic behind it if it’s what I think or just misreading something

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Nah it’s going to everyone it’s all good
Can confirm, it’s only to recent complete-ers
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Wait what? Wth is this???
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The rewards will probably be bad so it’s fine. U will get by without t2cc
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