Is X23 worth getting a 5star crystal shot or should I wait till november

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My first 5 star and when is she officially in the 5 star crystal

Is X23 worth getting a 5star crystal shot or should I wait till november 40 votes

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Go for it
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  • Yo who's on rn
  • DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,526 ★★★★
    Go for it
    X-23 is incredible as a 4*. A 5* would be amazing!

    Best thing is if they are immune to bleed she can stack cruelty and still do insane damage
  • Wait
    This is a time where waiting is better
  • myPUNCAKEmyPUNCAKE Posts: 338
    It depends on you. X-23 is a solid damage dealer who doesn't need to be awakened. If you do want her this is the only time where you would have he highest chance to obtain her. The only reason you would wait is if you wanted a different champion who gets released later on.
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    Either will get to enjoy a 5* LC or HB. Not sure if it REALLY matters.
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    You can wait however that does not mean you wont get mighty she hulk.
  • Go for it
    The pool to get x23 is smaller than the November pool, if you really want to get x23 then you should go for it.
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