Nightcrawler Inconsistency.

Nightcrawler's deep wound ability is rather inconsistent in it's interactions as a bleed ability. This is specific to Cable and Abomination where Cable doesn't activate degeneration upon his deep wound activation but Abomination activates a poison.


  • MaxPower363MaxPower363 Posts: 2
    Similarly it activates omaga reds death field for a split second
  • Not inconsistent.
    He has a oassive bleed, not a bleed debuff. Cable ability only interaxts with bleed debuffs, so it shouldn't proc degen on NC.
    Omega red ability, on the other hand, interacts with Bleed effects. Which means debuffs and passive bleeds. This is working as intended, and I believe abomination works the same way
  • CassyCassy Posts: 600 ★★
    Abomination passive :
    Everytime He bleeds (no matter source or how long) He has a 95% Chance to poison the opponent for 10 seconds.
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