which 4* rank 4 please.. a diffuclt one!

comments welcomed.

which 4* rank 4 please.. a diffuclt one! 14 votes

duped medusa
SUBHFR33_HUG5shadow_lurker22JayCeeThunderbird1211Kong_MasterGritabitDose_ResponsiveSérgio_321REiiGN15Ampx115 11 votes
unduped symbiote supreme
unduped iceman
Arondight 1 vote
unduped magik
MegaGalacticFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 2 votes


  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 846 ★★★
    Depends on what you need. If you need armour break, really good damage, and the ability to cheese through robots, pick medusa. If you need to deal with heavily buffed champions, go for Sym. Supreme (I probably wouldn’t though because it’s kind of useless for everything else). If you need a bunch of immunities, evade counter, and a sp3 tank, go for iceman. If you need power control, go for Magik. It all depends on your roster and what type of utility you need.

  • at the moment just trying to get uncollected on act 4 chapter 3.. been putting it off for event quests.. and also trying to do road to the labyrinth. thanks though..
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