Which do you think is better? March 2019 Champion Revamps (She-Hulk and Spider-Gwen, + Gamora)

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So. We've had the revamped abilities for 3 new characters for almost 3 weeks now. So I'm wondering which character people have enjoyed playing the most. I'd love to hear your experiences with the new characters. And also feel free to chat about the related synergies. How have you enjoyed those ones too?

Which do you think is better? March 2019 Champion Revamps (She-Hulk and Spider-Gwen, + Gamora) 39 votes

Spider Gwen
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She Hulk
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  • Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 710 ★★★
    Spider Gwen
    I've personally really been enjoying using my now 3/45 unduped spidergwen. Her animations are so nice, and she's got a ton of utility. Enervate after sp1, negating Evade and Unstoppable via the Slow debuff, extra damage from her spider-sense charges when I bring my Carnage in too... ooh it's so delicious.
    I've also enjoyed just seeing my Gamora do just that little bit extra damage (I haven't really taken her for really long fights, but she's awesome for shorter ones). It's nice playing her again and seeing those mega specials pop up.
    I don't have a she-hulk though so I haven't been able to test her personally. But, despite her whole thing of 'get furies and then the enemy will be throwing off their specials like crazy', I don't think I'd really enjoy playing her. Just her playstyle seems too stressful for me.
    And yeah Angela gets a small buff too with her synergy with Gamora. Haven't really had much of an opportunity to use it right now, and it doesn't seem too crazy, but at least it's something.

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    Spider Gwen
    I like SG the most. Have her as a 5* 2/35 unduped. I also have 4* duped SH and 3* duped Gamora. I'll definitely rank SG to 4/55 when I can.

    She has a lot of utilities. Especially constant enervate from sp1. With 2 spider sense charges, she hits as hard as my 4/40 unduped Medusa. Moreover, she doesn't need to be duped to be awesome (Her dupe makes her trap, hunter spider modes and slow debuff longer, can reverse limbo and regeneration on sp2, increases her crit damage rating).

    About SH, I just don't know why I cannot stack her furies as many as ppl did on beta test. So I still keep her at 1/10.

    And Gamora, I think she has a lot of active buffs, which can be much beneficial to enemies and has to do heavies frequently to refresh those precious buffs, which makes me feel uncomfortable with. Though I think Kabam did a great work on renewing these girls.
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    I don’t think I’ve played enough SH yet, she is still at 1/25, but I just recently (today) took SG up to 5/50 because it looks like she’ll be pretty useful against the collector (going for Elder’s Bane). Her animations are wicked and her damage ramps up pretty fast. Also the slow debuff is Super cool.
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