Tips to make Thor Ragnarok decently effective

In one of those bizarre tricks of Kabam RNG I have rolled 4 six star crystals and 2 of those have been Thor Ragnarok. So now I have a duped 6 star version of him and he still seems to hit like a wet noodle.

Seatin names him as "high demigod" if duped, but I'm not really sure how to use him - right now he barely seems more useful than Kingpin. He has good blocking and power gain and if you hit a special 3 you then get al to of extra damage for a few seconds - but this seems like a Jane Foster Thor type thing but with having to land a special 3 instead of a special 1.

What's the trick to making him useful? I know he is not a superstar, but I want to at least be able to use him effectively since he has so much base health


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    Proxima midnight + Korg synergy makes him hit really hard. If you a 30 combo with him using that synergy you will activate boon of the gods, giving you 3 bars of power, which at that point you’ll already have 2 full bars.. so drop your sp2, land an armor break, activate sp3, then rack up the shock damage and play aggressively. With the Korg synergy you do +60% damage when the enemy is backed up to the corner.
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    One word answer: Hulk.

    The really long answer begins with the observation that Rags is unusual in that when Awakened, he's really a Burst Damage over Time champion; which no-one else is.

    As yours is Awakened, you want to pump Sig stones into him if you can, and make use of the Hulk synergy so he gets the ability to pump out a huge amount of damage over time whilst Thunder God's Wrath is ticking. You'll want to bait out your opponent's Specials before firing this off; and having Petrify and Despair maxed out will be helpful. Then pour on the attacks!

    At lower Sig levels (or Unawakened), Thunder God's Wrath may not do too much for you; and that 20% damage cap on the SP3 can mean that it's out-performed by his SP2 against equivalent-PI opponents. That's where you need to make creative use of his power gain ability.

    Boon of the Gods is an awesome ability; but you need to understand that it works by giving you as much energy as it would take to fill your power bar to SP3 when triggered.

    So if you already have two bars of power, it gives you one extra bar. If you're at zero power, you get the full three bars in five seconds.

    This means, make sure you fire off an SP1 or 2 to activate it; to maximise your power gain. You can also fire off special attacks during Boon of the Gods, if you want to; to land back to back specials. Why would you want to do that? SP2 to armour break before activating Boon, then another SP2 during; then quite possibly another within a few more seconds*.

    Boon may also trigger if you miscalculate, and your opponent lands a multi-hit SP3 like Cyclops or War Machine. Which is a nice consolation...

    *If you want variety, throw in an SP1 after your opponent has Armour Break. If it stuns them (which it will, over 40 hits) it'll do a decent burst of direct damage.

    As for that huge health pool he has, as a final word, I'll say: check out his Regeneration synergies with Hela and Heimdall.
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    I really appreciate the feedback! It's very, very useful. I'll play around with strategy and synergies and see what I can do
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    As yours is Awakened, you want to pump Sig stones into him if you can,

    6* sig stones?
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    None around yet? They'll come.
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