AW Tier and Nodes not matching

The last 2 wars our Tier on the overview screen and our nodes haven’t matched. Last war claimed we were in tier 5, but our nodes for the first minis were not buffed. It ended up being Tier 6, and lost by the skin of our teeth. This war, it claims we are Tier 6, but we have the buffed nodes as minis like it is a Tier 5 Map. We shouldn’t have gone up a Tier on a loss, but we have to use our Tier 5 Defense just in case. If it ends up changing to T6, we wasted our KM on Node 29 instead of a mini. How can we know where to place defenders when given conflicting data like this?


  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 4,241 Guardian
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    You should Spectate the War Map before joining with Defenders, and see what Links/Buffs are on the nodes to know which Tier map you are playing on. In case you are matched with an opponent across a Tier-Boundary from yourself, in which case it is randomly chosen which map you will be playing on (this determination is made at matchmaking, so you can Spectate and know what the map will be).
  • BuffalaxBuffalax Posts: 49
    So we could be playing a Tier 5 Map with a Tier 6 multiplier?!! That hardly seems fair.
  • BuffalaxBuffalax Posts: 49
    Update: Attack just started and we are playing Tier 5 nodes with a Tier 6 point multiplier. Not cool, guys.
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    There're been posts on this topic for at least 3 seasons. Might be working as intended.
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    I’m having that now, it’s showing t2 rewards but a t1 multiplier, and before we matched a t2 ally it was showing everything in t1
  • BuffalaxBuffalax Posts: 49
    That was our last War, we were listed T5, nodes were T6, multiplier T5. Once Attack started everything went down to T6.
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