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    Here is a look I like better
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    Why are my comments repeating???
  • Plz add white tiger(ava ayano) i know shes not one the big popular characters but shes my favorite id even accept the angela del toro version
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    What about End Game War Machine?
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    Squirrel Girl
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    Here is a list of some of the champs that could be great additions to the game:

    1. Antivenom
    2. Green goblin
    3. Sandman
    4. Mystique
    5. The Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch. Thing)
    6. Black Cat
    7. Quicksilver
    8. Sabretooth
    9. Apocalopse
    10. Professor X
    11. Jessica Jones
    12. Weapon X Wolverine
    13. Nick Fury
    14. Medusa
    15. Deathlok
    16. Wasp
    17. Kitty Pryde
    18. Emma Frost
    19. Jubilee
    20. Angel (before he became Archangel)
    21. Kraven the Hunter
    22. Blob
    23. Red Skull
    24. Pyro
    25. Taskmaster
    26. Mockingbird
    27. Doctor Doom
    28. Silver Surfer
    29. Doctor Octopus
    30. Lizard
    31. Toad
    32. Blade
    33. Spider-Woman
    34. Nova
    35. Sif
    36. White Tiger
    37. Squirrel Girl
    38. Carnage
    Hey you should probably recheck your list
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    Contest of Champions Suggestion - Penance


    Bio -
    Robbie Baldwin is just a normal teenager from Springdale, Connecticut who works as a part-time lab assistant at Hammond Research Laboratory. One day a lab accident causes unknown energy to bombard Robbie’s body, granting him the amazing abilities of Speedball! When Speedball fails to stop a massive explosion in Stamford, Connecticut caused by the mutant Nitro, his Speedball powers burn out. Racked with guilt over the 612 deaths he could have prevented, 60 of them being children, Robbie takes on the persona of Penance, drawing upon a new and violent power through his pain, and unleashing that pain on villains and unregistered heroes alike.

    Tags -
    #Offensive:Suicide #Thunderbolt #Hero #Size:M

    Class -
    Penance’s powers originate from a laboratory experiment gone wrong, as such he should be classed as a Science Champion.

    Unique Abilities -

    612 Spikes (Persistent Charge) -
    Penance’s abilities are powered by pain. Whenever Penance or his block is struck, one of his suit’s 612 spikes is activated. These Spike Charges follow Penance from fight to fight, and max out at 612. Penance gains a 0.5% power increase from all sources for each spike activated. For every 10 hits blocked or received, Penance places a small Bleed debuff on himself, damaging himself for one health point per second for the rest of the fight. At the start of the next fight, any Bleed debuffs that Penance had activated on himself in previous fights are converted to Open Wound debuffs. These Open Wound debuffs follow Penance for the remainder of the quest and max out at a stack of 60. An Open Wound counts as a stack of Bleed but does no damage until reopened by an opponent’s Bleed debuff, at which point each Open Wound debuff inflicts bleed damage equal to 50% of the opponent’s Bleed. Open Wounds can only be reopened by Bleeds inflicted by the opponent, and are immune to Bleeds Penance inflicts on himself. When Penance acquires 612 Spike Charges he gains a 40% chance to perfect block attacks; this chance is immune to ability accuracy modification.

    Limited Damaging Debuff Immunity -
    When charging his heavy attack, Penance consumes his power meter to provide himself full Damaging Debuff Immunity for as long as he is charging the attack. The effects of this Damaging Debuff Immunity stop immediately if Penance runs out of power, or if the Heavy attack charge is let go or interrupted by an attack. Heavy attack charging does not purify any debuffs, so debuffs will resume dealing damage to Penance at full strength for the remainder of their timers once the heavy attack is no longer being held and the Immunity ends.

    Passive Energy Resistance -
    Having been bombarded with energy from an unknown source, Penance naturally has a +40% resistance to all energy attacks.

    Attacks & Animations -

    Basic & Heavy Attack Animations -
    Dashing -
    When dashing forward or backwards, Penance is followed by a trail of blue flames on the ground.
    Heavy Attack -
    Penance’s heavy attack is almost identical to Red Skull’s however the blue energy of the Cosmic Cube is replaced with Penance’s blue plasma flames.
    Heavy Attack Charging provides Damaging Debuff Immunity but drains Penance’s power meter. Damaging Debuff Immunity fails if Penance runs out of power.

    Special 1 - “Guilt” -
    Penance summons two balls of flaming plasma energy and hurls them at his opponent. Each projectile burns up to 15% of the opponent’s max power meter and inflicts direct energy damage proportionate to the amount lost.

    Special 2 - “Pain” -
    Penance leaps forward and levitates in the air for a moment while he summons a massive wave of plasma energy to crash down on the opponent. This attack has a 100% chance to inflict an Incinerate debuff on the opponent for 8 seconds. This attack also has a chance to inflict a Shock debuff on the opponent for 8 seconds based on how many Open Wounds Penance has active. The chance to inflict a Shock debuff rises 1.5% per Open Wound, and ranges from a 10% chance with 0 Open Wounds to a 100% chance with 60 Open Wounds.

    Special 3 - “Penance” -
    Penance allows himself to take a quick beating. Each hit he takes causes more and more plasma energy to circle and surge around his body. Mid-beating, Penance detonates a powerful field of blue plasma energy around himself that knocks the opponent away. This attack has a 100% chance to activate Aura of Pain for 15 seconds. Visually, Aura of Pain is the same as Thor Ragnorok’s “Thunder God’s Wrath”. Aura of Pain inflicts a passive Regeneration Reversal and Power Leak on opponents in close proximity, and grants Penance’s basic attacks a 40% chance to place small passive Plasma Energy debuffs on the opponent that each last 5 seconds. Activation of Aura of Pain is immune to ability accuracy modification. If Penance has less than 612 Spike Charges, he takes direct damage equal to 6.12% of his max health whenever activating this attack.

    Signature Ability -

    Fueled by Pain -
    When awakened, Penance regenerates health after suffering from energy based damaging debuffs (shock, incinerate, plasma, and radioactive poisons). This regeneration works in a similar manner as Magik’s Limbo, activating instantly but only after the damaging debuff expires. The regeneration value increases based on signature level, maxing out at 150% of the damage dealt to Penance from the debuff. This ability is immune to ability accuracy modifications, and is guaranteed to trigger, however it is not immune to the effects of a heal block or regeneration reversals (like MODOK’s Special 1).

    Synergies -

    “Defy Death” - (Punisher & Penance)
    Punisher -
    Gains a massive Fury buff whenever he Endures a finishing blow.
    Penance -
    Charging a heavy attack drains 30% less power, making Penance’s Damaging Debuff Immunity more effective.

    “Civil War” - (Ironman & Captain America Classic & Captain America WW2 & Civil Warrior & Penance)
    Ironman -
    Arc Overload also activates a Power Gain Buff, filling 3 bars of power over the course of its duration.
    Captain America Classic & Captain America WW2-
    Power gained from blocking attacks is tripled.
    Civil Warrior -
    Civil Warrior’s heavy attacks inflict a short Power Leak debuff on the opponent.
    Penance -
    Penance activates Spike Charges at twice the normal rate.

    “Bad Memories” - (Wolverine & Old Man Logan & Penance)
    Wolverine & Old Man Logan -
    Wolverine & Old Man Logan gain a 25% chance to purify any damaging debuff except poison and convert it into a short power gain buff.
    Penance -
    It was a Mutant that caused the Stamford Incident. When fighting champions of the Mutant class, Penance gains a small passive Fury buff for every Open Wound debuff present.

    “Thunderbolts” - (Sentry & Red Hulk & Electra & Penance)
    All Champions -
    All Champions take -10% less Special Damage.

    Additional Notes -
    Due to the Spike Charge Mechanics Penance can gain power at an alarming rate, allowing him to dominate fights even at low health (but beware that Special 3 health penalty). In order to keep some balance, the Open Wound effects make almost any bleed effect (even Deadpool’s Duodenum Poke) deadly, if enough stacks of Open Wound are present. This makes Penance especially weak against Skill champions who frequently have bleed abilities and have a class advantage as well. The danger of activating Penance’s Open Wounds can be avoided entirely by simply not fighting Champions who cause Bleeds, however if you find that you must fight a Bleed Champion, the Heavy Charging Damaging Debuff Immunity can provide some protection and a small window of hope if a mistake is made during the fight and Penance starts to take a lot of damage very quickly from debuffs.
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    lqd1 said:


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    we need more symbiotes in the game...
    Anti Venom

    I agree... also some more venomized characters!
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    we need more symbiotes in the game...
    Anti Venom

    I agree... also some more venomized characters!
    I literally begged for venomized characters! 3 months later, we sadly got Venom the Duck.
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    we need more symbiotes in the game...
    Anti Venom

    I agree... also some more venomized characters!
    I literally begged for venomized characters! 3 months later, we sadly got Venom the Duck.
    Little did you know venom the duck turned out to be a really good champ. Lol
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    Terminator ( tech)
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    I recently decided to watch all of the MCU movies in chronological order. I just started the project, and just finished Iron Man 2 last night. Although I didn't like Mickey Rourke, I do think that Whiplash would make a pretty cool and unique Contest of Champions champ. I don't think there is currently anyone even similar to him in the lineup.
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    I’d love Sandman (the Spider-Man villain) to enter the contest.
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    Weapon H - skill
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    Kabam can you introduce Sandman into the contest.

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    For the remainder of the Fantastic Four character additions I would do.
    Invisible Woman (science) and Namor (mutant)
    Mr. Fantastic (science) and Doctor Doom (tech)
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    We need some good Mystic champs and I think it would be good to start with Witchfire. She is very strong and would be a great counter to champs like Blade and Human Torch.

    Also, PLEASE do the proper research and make sure that Dr. Doom is going to be a Mystic champion as well. He could almost be a Tech, Science, or even Cosmic but when you do the research you'll find that he's a Mystic champ hands down.
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    Spider-ham (science)

    Basic abilities: precision, agility

    Special skill 1: Spider-ham takes out his hammer and smashes the opponent with it then he uppercuts them with it.

    Special skill 2: Spider-ham goes in to crazy faze and grabs his hammer and spins really fast making a tornado and hits them 5 times.

    Special skill 3: Spider-ham webs up the opponent into a standing cocoon and swings in and kicks them down then, he places a rake in front of them, they take a walk and run right into the rake. Like a cartoon.
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    Lockjaw should be a playable character


    Basic abilities: Evade, regeneration, bleed

    Special 1: throws a bone at the opponent

    Special 2: charges and head butts them

    Special 3: he will run and grab their legs and spin and let go, making them crash into the wall and then starts licking their face, and then sits up panting.
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    1 cull obsidian (cosmic)
    2 ebony maw (cosmic)
    3 Thor infinity war (cosmic)
    4 goose the cat (cosmic)
    5 penny Parker (with robot) (tech)
    6 Spider-noir (science)
    7 pandapool (mutant)
    8 Deadpool the duck (mutant)
    9 Iron Spider nano tech (tech)
    10 Ego (guardians of the galaxy) (cosmic)
    11 galactus (tech)
    12 silver surfer as a playable character (cosmic)
    13 the watcher (mystic)
    14 chameleon (science)
    15 bullseye (skill)
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    Also Cosmo the dog (cosmic)
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    Why doesn’t Kabam offer a Guarantee for a 5* champion? Look so the math it’s simple people that want spend will. $5 or $10 guarantees 5* limit of 5. Or put them in an Oden deal. You’d make millions in a day. But no long list of champs only top tier , God tier. Millions of $$ in a day. Do something for your players for once. And still make money
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    We want :
    -Thor (infinity War)
    -New Black Widow
    -Quick Silver
    -Ebony Mau
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    Wow1w1w said:

    Why doesn’t Kabam offer a Guarantee for a 5* champion? Look so the math it’s simple people that want spend will. $5 or $10 guarantees 5* limit of 5. Or put them in an Oden deal. You’d make millions in a day. But no long list of champs only top tier , God tier. Millions of $$ in a day. Do something for your players for once. And still make money

    They already do that with og Vision
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    About Muramasa:

    Muramasa is an excellent skillful smith of a violent and somewhat insane mind. Muramasa forged the legendary BLACK BLADE imbuing the metal with a piece of his soul. It was the ultimate product of his brilliance, though it was rumored to have also became infected with his madness as well. He is served by armored samurai-like warriors.

    Base Stats & Abilities

    *All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

    . Health: 13927
    . Attack: 1248
    . Max PI:
    . Without Signature: 4812
    . With Signature (99): 5210

    Character Class: Skill


    .For every 5% of maximum health that Muramasa removes from her opponent during combat, he feeds his Black Blade and imprisons 1 Soul, (Max upto 5).

    .Souls expire every 14 seconds.

    Black Blade Hits:

    .Heavy Attacks has 90% chance to steal 10% Power for every Souls Muramasa possesses.

    .Critical Hits has 80% chance to poke holes in fleshy targets, making them Bleed for 352.94 Damage over 3.5 seconds.

    .All attacks has 70% chance to Heal Block your opponent for 5.3 seconds.

    .Light Attacks has 60% chance to Armor Break your opponent and applying 253.49 Armor Rating reduction for 6.7 seconds.

    .Medium Attacks has 50% chance to Degenerate your opponent for 678.5 Direct Damage over 7.6 seconds.

    .+583 Block Penetration.

    .The power of Black Blade allow it to trigger Critical Hits and Abilities through an enemy Block.


    .+583 Armor.

    .Impenetrable armor provides full immunity to Armor Break and Bleeding.

    .If this Buff is removed for any reason, it will refresh itself after 10 seconds.

    .40% chance that a Block reduces all damage.

    Special 1 : ''Cut 'n Slice''

    .This Attack has 80% chance to Armor Break your opponent and applying 4888.90 Armor Rating reduction for 7 seconds.

    .This Attack is Unblockable.

    Special 2 : ''Kill 'em all''

    .Muramasa gains 4 permanent Counterpunch Charges that last for 14 seconds. A charge is spent to shrug off the impact of enemy attacks for 1 second when Muramasa is blocking, allowing him to immediately counter-attack.

    .This Attack has 90% chance to Bleed your opponent for 918.60 Direct Damage over 8 seconds.

    Special 3 : ''Mighty Blade''

    .This Attack has 100% chance to Degenerate your opponent for 2500 Direct Damage over 10 seconds.

    Signature Ability: Sword's influence

    After wielding the sword for a period of time, the wielder would slowly be overcome by the sword's influence.

    .When Muramasa is below 50% health Black Blade's corrupt influence takes over Muramasa and grants him Powergain and Fury passives for rest of the fight.

    .Muramasa gains 35% additional Power from Striking his Opponent.

    .Muramasa gains Fury which increases Attack Rating by 250.

    Synergy Bonuses

    Old friends with Old Man Logan (Unique)

    Muramasa: Muramasa gains Cruelty buff which increases Critical Damage by 60%.

    Old man Logan: Critical Hits lacerate opponents with a 80% chance, inflicting Bleed damage for 70% of your Attack over 6 seconds.

    The Pupil with Wolverine (Unique)

    Muramasa: Muramasa’s Ability Accuracy cannot be decreased by his opponent’s abilities.

    Wolverine: 50% chance to inflict Internal Bleed for 70% of your Attack, per Bleed active on target, lasting for 10 seconds.

    Recommended Masteries

    Deep Wounds, Precision, Despair,
    Assassin, Double Edge, Block Proficiency, Perfect Block.


    Magik, Hyperion, Colossus, Wolverine, High Damage Potential.


    Electro, Iceman, Korg, Agent Venom ; Poison, Shock and Incinerate champs.

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