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Many champions in the Contest are in dire need of a buff. Many members of the community are willing to share their ideas on how these characters could be changed. Kabam has lots of responsibilities when it comes to maintaining and improving the game, however, and reading buff ideas is obviously not going to be the top priority for Kabam employees or moderators. So, rather than taking a shot in the dark when it comes to buff suggestions, I'm proposing a community-driven brainstorm facilitated by Kabam itself.

Kabam could publish a poll on the forums on what champion deserves a buff the most. After a week or so of voting, Kabam would reveal what champion is to be buffed. The members of the MCOC community would then be able to submit a custom-built version of this character, either altering or completely reconstructing the champion's mechanics. Kabam would select the best submission to be applied to the champion in the game.

This event would be one of the most exciting moments in Contest of Champions history. Summoners would undoubtedly flock to the forums with their ideas, Kabam would be able to generate profit by releasing the featured crystals for this champion, and all of this without Kabam having to spend time and resources designing the character themselves. Let me know what you think down below! I don't see how this would do anything but good for the Contest. Thanks for reading!


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    We've had a ton of Threads and Polls with the same theme, "Who needs a buff the most?". However, if they allowed us to vote on who receives the next buff, I wouldn't object to that. I would support that.
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    We've had a ton of Threads and Polls with the same theme, "Who needs a buff the most?". However, if they allowed us to vote on who receives the next buff, I wouldn't object to that. I would support that.

    Agreed. Really cool to see them ask us for what crystals we want to see in the (decidedly useless) last GMC sample bundle, and I'd love to see them follow up that trend with something that really matters to a lot of us.
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    Magneto Buff Suggestion:
    Metal opponents are pulled by magnetos magnetism and if the opponents aren't in the range of Magneto, they passively degenerate 40% health over 10 seconds.
    This ignores AAR immunity.
    This is unaffected by AAR and also ignores if the opponents AAR ignores immunity to AAR. Additionally, Metal opponents suffer 100% reduced Ability Accuracy and 60 Reduction in attack. Magnetic Factor also allows Magneto to Auto Block Metal Hits. This doesn't ignore AAR. Auto Block can trigger while under the effect of a stun. This auto block triggers Parry.
    All Hits: 15% chance to inflict magnetised effect. This chance increases to 50% against metal opponents.
    Champions suffer -15% AAR and degenerate 20% of Magneto's attack rating Passively over the course of Magnetised effect. When Magnetised is inflicted on Metal Opponents, they suffer 45% AAR and degenerate 40% of Magneto's Attack rating Passively Over the course of Magnetised Effect. Max Stacks: 5. Each Magnetised Effect is Passive and can be removed after landing 10 hits.
    When Magnetised Passives are at max stacks, 15 second on a timer they are converted to a Petrify Passive which reduces effectiveness of Power Gain and healing/regeneration abilities by "150%" for 20 seconds. This also caused reduction in Ability Accuracy by "50%". These ignores immunities to AAR and Petrify and all abilities under "X" signs are doubled against Metal Champs.
    Passive True Strike: Magneto's Opponents can't Dexterity or Evade his attacks if they are Metal. This is a Passive Effect and not a Buff.
    Being the Master of Magnetism, Magneto is immune to Magnetised.
    Magneto cannot suffer from more than 5 debuffs at a time and shrugs of upto 3 unique debuffs for the cost of 3 Magnetised Passives on the opponent.
    Magneto's Energy Attacks cannot be parried even by Proxima Midnight.
    Passive:Magnetic Field: Upon Launching a Special 3 Magneto Enables Magnetic Field for 30 second which causes the Max stack of Magnetised Passives to reach upto 15 stacks. This isn't affected by AAR.
    Special 1: This Attack is Unlockable. This attack causes opponents to suffer from Bleed, Concussion and Life Leech.
    Bleed deals "100%" of Magneto's attack as Direct damage to Opponent over 2 seconds. Concussion reduces ability accuracy by "50%". Life Leech steals "15%" of opponents health over 4 seconds. Life Leach is a passive effect. All These effects are doubled against Metal Opponents. Additionally this inflicts 2 Magnetised Passives.
    Special 2: This Attacks Grants True Strike against all opponents for 10 seconds. Unlike the true Strike against Metal Champs, this is a buff. This true Strike causes opponents to not be able to Dexterity or Evade the attacks. Inflicts Bleed and Life Leech. Bleed deals "30%" of Magneto's Health as Direct damage over 4 seconds. Life Leech steals "25%" of opponents health over 10 seconds. the effect is doubled against Metal Opponents. This life Leech is a passive effect.
    Special 3: Consumes all Magnetised Passives to convert into Life Leech Passive which steals 10% of Opponents Health over 10 seconds for each Magnetised Passives converted in this way, upto a maximum of 5 Stacks. Also Activates Magnetic Field for 30 seconds.

    Signature Ability: Magnetic Indestructibility: Magneto's Magnetic Factor allows him to summon 1 stack of Metal Passives to himself every 2.5 seconds upto a Total of 25 stacks.
    5 Metal Stacks: +50% Attack Rating.
    10 Metal Stacks: +40% Magnetised Passives Potency and Duration.
    15 Metal Stacks: Magnetic Field Activates until next Metal Stack Improvement is Activated.
    20 Metal Stacks: Tenacity to Shrug off any debuff except Stun by 100%.
    25 Metal Stacks: Gain Indestructible, Lasting for 10 seconds.
    This ability is immune to AAR.
    After Indestructible Expires, After a cooldown of 12 seconds, Magneto starts to gain Metal Stacks starting from 1. This can trigger infinitely in the fight
    Once the Signature ability is active, Magneto Gains Metal Gloves over his wrists, which causes him to not take damage from Thorns from Nodes and Champs Such as Korg and Electro.
  • Hey guys, firstly, I'd like to sincerely thank you for sharing this idea with us, it always delights me to see fellow Summoners thinking up ways to help make The Contest a better place.

    As others have mentioned, there have been many different discussions and polls created about which Champion should be improved next and who needs it the most. More often than not, those didn't provide any constructive feedback or improvement suggestions and went into little or no detail about how certain Champions should be improved. In addition to this, those discussions and polls were often posted in the wrong Forum section. Some were added to Suggestions and Requests but others were added to General Discussion, and some were even added to the Bugs and Known Issues section. However, THIS dedicated discussion helps us to keep everyone's feedback and and suggestions in the same place, enabling our Game Team to review everyone's ideas easily when they're looking for inspiration.

    The community has been provided with a general template to use in that thread and so far it has led to us receiving much more actionable feedback. Everyone is already stating which Champion/s they would like to see improved in that discussion, they are creating custom-versions of those Champions, sharing new ideas, describing specific features that they would like to be altered and how they propose that should be done.

    If we created polls to gather everyone's opinion about which Champion should be buffed next, in all likelihood we would only be able to capture the opinions of a small percentage of all players, especially if we decided the results after a week or so. Keep in mind also that running a poll for a specific time would only allow those players who log into the Forums during that time to cast their vote and even then they would need to actually take the time to participate in the poll. However, the dedicated discussion is ongoing, new ideas are always being shared in it and players can add their suggestions to it at any time.

    Let's consider something else, if we reviewed everyone's submissions for proposed changes and chose just one person's ideas, then any changes we implemented likely wouldn't be reflective of what the majority of players actually desire. Whereas, at the moment, we're able to review everyone's ideas in that dedicated discussion. The entire community can review and consider those ideas and engage in constructive discussion and debate about them. Ultimately, this allows us to consider everything as a whole before deciding what may be the best way to go about making changes that the majority of players will be happy with.

    With all this in mind, if you haven't already, please take a moment and share any Champion improvement suggestions you may have in THIS discussion. To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this one.
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