Making Abomination a Viable Champion

Revamping old champions can be just as exciting as the release of a new champion. The recent buffs to She-Hulk, Spider-Gwen, and Gamora were greatly appreciated, and more buffs to some of the lower-tier champions in the game would be exciting to see. That said, one of the worst champions in the game would have to be Abomination. He has very few effective abilities, and could easily be improved. I have a couple recommendations on how he could be made into a usable champion:

1. Abomination's current Signature Ability, Irradiate, has x% chance to trigger when he is struck, poisoning the opponent. If this chance was divided by two, but also applied when he strikes the opponent, he would be a much more viable asset for offensive use. I also believe that this ability should not be his Signature Ability, but rather a passive.

2. Assuming that Abomination's Signature Ability is changed to be a passive, he would need a new Signature Ability. This is where Abomination would go from a poor champion to a phenomenal offensive AND defensive champion. Abomination could be much more useful if his Signature Ability instead reduced the opponent's ability accuracy by x% for each Poison debuff currently on the opponent. Ability accuracy reduction is one of the most powerful abilities in the Contest, and giving a variation of this ability to Abomination would undoubtedly lead to another champion people would be willing to rank up and use for difficult content.

I will not act like I am an expert on the game and guess what percentages would be best for these abilities, but the idea itself would certainly help the game. Let me know what you think about these proposed changes. Thanks for reading.


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