We want back into gold 1!!

Infms was rank 800 gold 1, had a bad season with members retiring and unskilled recruits. We have diversity, map 6 paths, and organized infrastructure. Need skilled players to help us climb back into gold 1 and eventually plat. 3. Please PM Signumc240 on line app, or ass me in game Signum.


  • simolazsimolaz Posts: 175
    If some of you are still thinking about quitting, we would welcome them in our alliance. We can accept up to 10 new members, and this means that the 10 most valuable players of your alliance can join us and play together as a battlegroup.
    We just earned the gold 1 placement, and we’re trying to improve our team.
    We use Telegram to communicate.
    Think about this proposal. By merging our forces, we can be stronger.
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