Free agent on the market

Greetings all. I am a summoner in search of a new home. I am hoping to land a spot before the new AQ series starts in a few days and definitely before season 9 commences in a week. Below are so pics and info about me and some things that I am looking for. Thanks for your consideration.

About me:
Daily player. (Almost too much)
Good communicator and responsive.
Summoner level 60, rating 870k.
Currently at the ranking of Uncollected and working my way to finishing Act 5 100%.
Can complete all monthly EQs from beginning to master and on the verge of successfully completing uncollected difficulty 100%.
Experienced in Maps 1-5 of AQ. (Sorry... no map 6 or map 7 experience)
Experienced in tier 6 AW and lower. Been in tier 5 with previous alliance twice but we did not last. Can run paths 1-3 or 7-9 with consistent success. (I did not get middle path assignments) Can't say that I make perfect runs with no deaths each and every time but the 0 death runs are common and far out weigh runs with more deaths. (Everyone has an off day from time to time)
Below are some pics with prestige and champs. Please ask any questions to get more info if I was not detailed enough.

6* Champ:

5* Champs (3/45 and higher only):

4* Champs (5/50):

What I'm look for:
Any Gold level AW alliance that is pushing towards the next level up.
AQ scores topping 90 million or higher each series consistently. Fine with 5x5 but no less than three Map 5s a series.
No saving for SA and hits 400k or more consistently.
Importance placed on hitting minimums for 3 day and single day alliance events.
Good communication with the LINE app being utilized. Goals and objectives clearly stated, understood, and followed.
Organized leadership. Relaxed, chill, not overly hardcore.
An ability to understand that this is a game and while we want the alliance and individuals to succeed and grow, that everyone has real life obligations that may take away from game play from time to time.

If you feel I might be a good fit, please message me on LINE... ID is Obsidiman (Classic Spider-Man avatar) and make your pitch. I will do my best to respond, ask questions, and answer any questions. Thanks.


  • ortegakodyortegakody Posts: 9
    Hey friend, going to add you in the game because my alliance needs some more members and you’ll be a perfect fit for us
  • obsidimanobsidiman Posts: 20
    @ortegakody do you have LINE? Far easier to communicate.

    Don't worry... same guy from above post just a different user name because apparently I have different accounts on my phone and computer. Send a message to Obsidiman on LINE if possible.
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 438
    Hey! We are probably lower than you would like but we are recruiting to replace a bg. Running map 4 currently until we are full again. Gold 2 last season but again dropped due to the loss of the bg. We have a strong core group of players who have been together since 2015. We are social and have fun. Just thought I'd put it out there :). You can contact me in game or on line at DaBills. Thanks!
  • Cpt9ToesCpt9Toes Posts: 32
    G2, 5x5. Over 100mil every week. Typically hit 450-500k in SA. Added you in game.
  • NosiemNosiem Posts: 181
    HMU on Line and let's chat... nosiem
  • HedronHedron Posts: 340
    Why don't ypu search for FIGHT CLUB alliance we need more experienced members
  • Obsidiman_JonesObsidiman_Jones Posts: 200
    To all who have reached out on LINE, in game, and here... thank you for the interest and info. At this time I have found an alliance to join. Thank you again to all who expressed interest in having me as part of your team and best of luck moving forward.
  • Blubfish_666Blubfish_666 Posts: 232
    Join my alliance we are a stone 3 46 million rated alliance with 80 players
  • ShawnShazimShawnShazim Posts: 17
    140k AQ Map 5, Gold 2 War, Groupme for Comms, We dont push 3 day events.. Life first then the game my IGN is ShawnShazim
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