AI Not Throwing Specials?

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I have been facing this issue for a while now. It started for me in Dungeons, and Alliance Quest Map 5. Now, it seems this issue is rampant everywhere in the game. I had thought of starting Variant finally, and the Vision(OG) in 1.1 doesn't throw his special, even after baiting till his synthesis procs. Tried it around 4-5 times, couldn't bait a special. Keep in mind that I was keeping myself open all throughout the fight. Also faced similar situation in almost all of my Act 5 exploration runs. Is it just me, or is anyone else facing the same issue? A response would be highly appreciated, Thanks.


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    I agree the AI all across the game has been super defensive as of late in my opinion. This months UC was a pain for me because every fight took a while longer than it should and everything has just been dragging and throwing my rhythm off. Even Epic in Negative Zones are annoying as all hell because off constant blocking and baiting being practically impossible.
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    That's another issue that I noticed since the update...not even the Sentinels in AQ...
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