Venom in variant 2

Awakened Venom is not activating his buffs twice as stated in the description for variant 2. He starts the fight and 2-3 buffs proc, when it should be 4-6. Also, i understand the memory buff cap stopping from going over 7, but also when I use special 2, only 7 furies activate when it seems it should be 14 based on the description.

Is this working as intended or bugged?


  • DaphboyDaphboy Posts: 427 ★★
    And I also saw his debuffs are supposed to trigger twice as well, and he is only placing 1 bleed
  • Hey there, would you be able to let us know which quest/fight within Variant this happened in? If you are referring to the Supernova node, it is not in every quest in Variant, so this could be the cause of what you're experiencing.
  • DaphboyDaphboy Posts: 427 ★★
    Community helped me figure it out. I missed the part in the notes about it only being 1.3-3.3. Thank you and sorry for any confusion😅
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