Can't handle it anymore

I'm in a top 100ish alliance, and I have played this game consistently for over two years. But this last update may have been the final straw for me. It's made the game unplayable at my level. Parry is inconsistent, dexterity is inconsistent, half the time you parry instead of dexting. Or your champ just sits there. Not to mention the blatant changes to the a.i. behavior and recovery times.
I haven't used items in uceq since the very first one they had, way back when modok was released. This month, I very well may not finish because I won't have the units. Can't get through a single path without revives. For a player that has never struggled with uceq, that's an unacceptable drop in quality. And I know for a fact I'm not the only player at my level that feels this way.
Kabam, come on guys. This has been a great game for years, but you all need to listen to your player base. For starters, stop micromanaging every single aspect of the game. Why alter the a.i. reaction times in this last update? What could possibly be the reason?
Why do you rush out a patch every time players discover a hidden ability that benefits them? Like the Nick Fury Regen synergy. Was it what you intended? No. But was it game breaking? Not in the least. It benefited a very specific team with suicides active. But you have to rush out a fix, because we can't have players doing anything you didn't intend for them to do when you wrote the code. But as soon as it was discovered, you had a patch out in hours. Those kind of things drive your players away. And it leads to an environment where no one wants to talk to you guys, because we all know if any hidden benefit is discovered, you'll all trip over each other to get rid of it.
I know this is a moot point. I'm not saying anything you haven't heard from hundreds of others, we just all wish you would listen to one of them.


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