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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 2,359 ★★★★


    Adam Warlock


    Iron spider

    Thor ( infinity war)


    Adam Warlock, Valkyrie, Thor (Storbreaker), and Iron Spider I all agree with and I'd Rescue, Professor Hulk, Apocalypse, Galactus.
  • gp87gp87 Posts: 325 ★★★
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Dr doom
  • GreekhitGreekhit Posts: 2,762 ★★★★★
    Mystique with a transforming to the opp ability by dashing back and hold block like NC’s swashbuckling ❤️
  • The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,390 ★★★
    edited April 2019
    Dr doom like @X_Factor_Agent said
  • mcompmcomp Posts: 24
    Definitely Dark Phoenix with some awesome synergies with both Cyclops and add Mystique to the mix and you have two more great female champs in the mix.
  • Sundance_2099Sundance_2099 Posts: 2,731 ★★★★★
    Squirrel Girl just so I can enjoy all the haters exploding with rage until it turns out she is the new Corvus/Sparky/Blade/whoever.
  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 7,981 ★★★★★
    Only one I can think of that I haven't already seen on this list is Cosmo.
  • WardenZeroWardenZero Posts: 722 ★★★
    Can we get a Lockjaw champ please? The mechanics would be SO MUCH FUN! (also i love lockjaw)
  • Kade7175Kade7175 Posts: 304 ★★
    Thor: endgame
    Mcu version of doc strange
    Prof hulk
    Cap endgame
    Iron man endgame
  • Bone_Cru5s3rBone_Cru5s3r Posts: 9
    Prowler (skilled)
  • Bone_Cru5s3rBone_Cru5s3r Posts: 9
    Scorpion (tech or science)
  • Bone_Cru5s3rBone_Cru5s3r Posts: 9
    Any endgame team suit characters
  • Bone_Cru5s3rBone_Cru5s3r Posts: 9
    The blob (skill)
    Big Bertha (science)
  • HalloHallo Posts: 4
    Can we have Franklin Richards and Valeria Richards along with the rest of the FF? Also, Charles Xavier. I know it sounds stupid, but hear me out. If you can make M.O.D.O.K, then you can make Charles. His battles could happen in the other persons mind, or it could be Charles before he ends up in a wheel chair.
  • HalloHallo Posts: 4
    Iron Spider
    Baron Zemo, but the cool one with the mask burnt to his face, not the saggy mask one.
    Characters from the Contest comic, like Ares, White Fox, Madame Hydra, British Punisher,
  • DegerDeger Posts: 7
    Thanos (infinity war)

    Class: Cosmic. Size: XL

    Hero rating- start- 815. 5/50-4105. Awakened 5/50-4775

    Health-17640. Attack-1257

    Signature ability- utilization- thanos learns to best utilize the infinity stones, granting thanos 576 attack per infinity stone he has, additionally thanos has 1% power gain per second per infinity stone


    Infinity gauntlet- thanos is on a quest to achieve all the stones. Each new class that he defeats in a quest he gets an infinity stone. These stones persist from fight to fight as long as there in the same quest. Each stone grants thanos a unique bonus in battle

    Cosmic- space stone- when ever an opponent uses a special attack 1 or 2 on thanos he summons a portal and leaves for the duration of the attack. If he also has the power stone then he will come back with a devestating counter attack dealing 3805 direct damage. And if he has the mind stone this counter attack freezes the opponent in time for 1.5 seconds.
    Additionally if thanos is successfully struck by a basic attack he has a 10% chance to summon a portal and evade the attack. If he also has the mind stone And is attacked immediately again after the evade then he can predict the attack and auto blocks it

    Mystic- time stone- thanos gains the ability to manipulate time and with that the timeline of his healthbar, gaining a limbo for 10 seconds. There is a 12 second cool down in between each limbo.
    Additionally thanos can freeze his opponent in time for 2 seconds (which is a 2 second stun) every 15 seconds. When opponents are frozen in time their power bar is also frozen and they can’t activate any abilities.

    Tech- mind stone- the mind stone grants thanos great intelligence and tactics. Therefore every time thanos gets hit or blocks he gains 1% chance to auto block as he is able to predict his opponents moves as they attack.
    Additionally if thanos has the power stone also and he auto blocks he immediately counter attacks with a blast from the power stone dealing 2200 direct damage and stunning the opponent for 1.5 seconds

    Science- soul stone- the soul stone seeks an opponent looking to defeat thanos for good, not personal gain. Therefore the soul stone diss approves of villains. Granting thanos 1300 attack when facing villains.
    Additionally villains facing thanos degenerate 1% of their max health per second

    Skill- reality stone- thanos can manipulate reality when at a disadvantage to gain advantage. When thanos faces a champion of the mystic class he changes his disadvantage to an advantage over his opponent. And thanos can randomley apply debuffs to the opponent at random times.
    Additionally when the opponent reaches max power he switches power bars with the opponent. If thanos has the time stone he also freezes is opponents power bar, applying a 10 second power lock to the opponent

    Mutant- power stone- when thanos has the power stone he has 3106 increased attack and each hit on his combo meter increases his attack by 37 and his critical damage rating by 65.
    Additionally his special attack damage is increased by 50% for each stone he has and if he has 3 or more infinity stones his special attacks are unblockable

    When thanos completes the gauntlet he gains 350% special damage and he starts every fight with 3 bars of power. If thanos dodges back and holds block for 3 second he snaps Removing half of all the opponents in the quest. When thanos snaps all of his power is drained, his power gain is reduced by 75% for the rest of the quest, and he looses 80% of his current health.

    If thanos needs to individually activate a stone for his current needs. If he lands a heavy attack he can have the backup effect ready for a block. He can switch between the stones effects with each heavy attack. He only gets 1 backup effect per fight. To activate this dodge back and hold block for 1.5 second. The abbilities are listed here

    Mind stone- apply a taunt debuff to the opponent for 10 seconds

    Soul stone- the soul stone has a backup plan for heroes also. Heroes suffer 50% reduced ability accuracy for 15 seconds.

    Space stone- thanos Summons a portal, a Soldier from thanoses army passes through and fires an unblockable shot dealing 1500 direct damage.

    Power stone- degenerate 10% of the opponents health over 10 seconds.

    Time stone- thanos freezes the opponent in time for 4 seconds

    Reality stone- thanos can minipulate the opponent and there abilities to gain an advantage, removing all beneficial effects off the opponent and resetting the opponents combo meter

    When thanos struggles to defeat an opponent with an infinity stone he gets furious. If an opponent with an infinity stone takes longer then 60 seconds to defeat he grows impatient and his attack increases by 52 for every second that passes after the first 60 seconds
  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 732 ★★
    Mister Negative
    Thor (infinity war)
    Whiplash (iron man 2 exoskeleton)
    Iron monger (mcu)
    Zemo (classic)
    Man ape
    Rest of f4
    Ego (gotg 2)
    Strucker (classic)
    Iron man (Endgame)
    Captain America (Endgame)
    Iron Spider (Infinity war)
    Ancient one (mcu)
    Jessica Jones
    Phill Coulson
    Scarlett Witch (mcu)
    Thanos (Endgame)
    The mandarin (classic)
    Dr Doom
    Silver Surfer
    Firefist (DP2)
  • I think it would only be fair to add in This storm breaker cause you did add in infinity war cap and iron Man it is a really cool look of thor and would make to be an even better character and a cool quest
  • kuya_lincolnkuya_lincoln Posts: 1
    Forge (Mutant)
    Mystique (Mutant)
    Toad (Mutant)
    Pyro (Mutant)
    Apocalypse (Mutant)
    Blob (Mutant)
    Betsy (Mutant)
    Lady Deathstrike (Mutant)
    Dark Phoenix (Cosmic)
    Banshee (Mutant)
    Kitty pryde (Mutant)
    Polaris (Mutant)
    Quick silver (Mutant)
    Azazel (Mutant)

    Spider Man
    Black cat
    Silk (Science)
    Penny Parker
    Doc Olivia oc (Tech)
    Mr. Negative
    Silver sable (Skill)
    Hob goblin (Science)
    Prowler (Skill)

    Fantastic Four
    Invisible woman (Science)
    Silver surfer (Cosmic)
    Dr. Doom (Science)

    Ghost Rider
    Black heart

    Silver samurai
    Jessica Jones
    Misty Night (Skill)
    Colleen wing (Skill)
    Stick (Skill)

    Marvel Nemesis Imperfects
    Brigade (Science)
    Faultzone (Science)
    Hazmat (Science)
    Johnny ohm (Science)
    Niles vanroekel (science)
    Paragon (Science)
    Solara (Science)
    The wink

    Valkyrie (Cosmic)
    Sif (Cosmic)
    Thor with Axe

    Black Panther
    M’Baku (Skill)
    Shuri (Tech)
    Okoye (Skill)

    Squirrel girl
    Lock jaw

    Agents of shield
    Lincoln Campbell (Cosmic)
    Yoyo (Cosmic)
    Melinda may (Skill)
    Mocking bird (Skill)
    Lash (Cosmic)
    Mike Peterson (Science)
    Hive (Cosmic)
    Agent carter (Skill)

    Cloak and dagger

    Karolina (Cosmic)
    Chase (Tech)
    Nico (mystic)

    The gifted
    Eclipse (Mutant)
    Thunderbird (Mutant)
    Blink (Mutant)
    Lauren strucker (Mutant)

    Future fight
    White tiger
    Mantis (Cosmic)
    Moon girl
    Hawk eye Kate bishop (Skill)
    Black dwarf
    Odin (Cosmic)
    America Chavez
    Sister grimm
    White fox

    Iron Man
    Ivan vanko (Tech)
    Pepper Pots Iron Man (Tech)

    Black mamba
    Professor hulk
  • CandleflyCandlefly Posts: 5
    You can’t have Cable without...

    Forge (Tech)
    a Cheyenne with natural mystical abilities and the mutant power to innately comprehend technology and build anything he can think of. He's a former love of Storm and also a former X-Men and X-Factor member. After M-day he went insane and believed dead until found and cured by Cable.

    Basic Abilities
    Mechanical Energy: Forge’s medium attacks inflict 15% of his basic attack as energy damage.
    Technical Prowess: Forge analyzes his opponent and builds a technical knowledge charge every 5 seconds. When Forge has 100 technical knowledge charges, he becomes unblockable.
    Mind Like A Machine: Forge gains 35% evasion against robots.
    Passive Ability
    Psychic Dampener- Forge is immune to disorientation and inverted control debuffs.

    Special 1: Forge summons a sniper rifle from his prosthetic leg and fires three rounds into his opponent. These rounds each inflict a stack of bleed debuff and cannot be evaded. If the opponent is immune to bleed, the rounds inflict shock debuffs instead.
    Special 2: Forge kicks the snot out of his opponents and fires his implanted photon beam at them. If the kick makes impact with a mutant opponent, their ability accuracy is reduced by 35%. If the photon beam makes contact with the opponent, plasma damage debuff is applied and the opponent takes an additional 30% of his special damage over 10 seconds.
    Special 3: If Forge has more health than his opponent, he unleashes his arsenal. Guided bombs are launched on the target inflicting 150% of Forge’s basic attack rating as direct damage and another 75% (scalable) as incinerate damage over time. If Forge has less health than his opponent, he activates his time machine. This inflicts no damage on his opponent but returns Forge to a point in the fight when Forge had health equal to or greater than his opponent. Any debuffs that were active on the opponent at that time are reactivated. Any debuffs on Forge are nullified.

    Awakened Ability
    Spirit Form- Aside from his mutant ability he was trained in the magical arts of the Cheyenne tribe. He was born with an incredible potential as a Shaman. In his training he learned a great variety of magical spells. He is able to separate his mind from his body and travel in a spirit form (similar to Professor's X Astral Form), also his magical powers allows him to create a portal to bring demons to this world at the cost of the spirits of humans.
    Forge gains class advantage over cosmic champions. In addition, Forge gains 1 spirit charge per each critical hit. Forge’s special attacks are increased by 2% base rating (scaled based on signature ability level) for each spirit charge.

    Iron Man: Weapons Manufacturers- Forge- All cosmic champions’ ability accuracy decreased by 65%. Iron Man- class advantage reversed against Cosmic champions.
    Storm: Powerless Resolve- When Storm has less than 1 bar of power, her basic attack is increased by 200%. Forge gains 100% power gain until he fills two bars of power.
    Cable: Techno-Organic Virus: Cable- all critical hits inflict degeneration. Forge- immune to degeneration.
    Magik: Revenge: Magik- Start the fight with Limbo active. Forge- Escape a death blow and regenerate 20% of your max health
    Havok: X-Factor: Forge receives 20% less physical damage. Havok generates a plasma charge every 3 seconds and gains 25% more power from landing and receiving hits.

    Oh! And we also need Banshee, Strong Guy, Polaris, and Lady Deathstrike.

    And can we get Marvel Zombie skins?
  • Agame86Agame86 Posts: 147
    Clea ( mystic)
    The ancient one ( mystic)
    Dr strange film version
  • FlipFlip Posts: 6
    Ya know, I know I am on the wrong thread but there is no thread I see for this. It’s stupid to make once specific champ to 100% a quest. Captain America is not biohazard immune even tho he has the soul stone. He has regen but omg there is heal block. If this isn’t a money grab for the lower tier players then idk what is. I quit.
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 4,549 ★★★★★
    Flip said:

    Ya know, I know I am on the wrong thread but there is no thread I see for this. It’s stupid to make once specific champ to 100% a quest. Captain America is not biohazard immune even tho he has the soul stone. He has regen but omg there is heal block. If this isn’t a money grab for the lower tier players then idk what is. I quit.

    You do realize hes only supposed to donone path right? Each path is for a separate avenger with each of the stones.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    Voltage is one of many of my OG characters. He has a robotic suit that can fly and shoot lighting. He also wields a sword.

    Bio: After a plane crashes on a deserted island, Logan had to survive and built a heart regulator (was struck by lightning, heart sped up) for him and a lung regulater (burned in fire of plane) for his brother, Sid. He became an excellent inventor and has joined the Avengers.

    Tags: Size:M, Avengers, Hero, Metal, Offensive: Damage over Time

    Abilities: Overcharged
    Power Gain
    Shock Immune

    Stats: Attack-Low
    Crit Rate-Low
    Perfect Block-High

    Passive: When Voltage losses 25% health, he has a 50% chance to self-repair, healing 25% health over 5 seconds. This can be used twice per fight.

    Passive: All sword attacks have a 33% chanceto bleed the opponent. Each bleed does 100 damage per second over 5 seconds. This can stack infinitely.

    Passive-Overcharged: When Voltage is in Overcharged mode, all attacks have 100% chance to shock the opponent, dealing 450 damage over 5 seconds. This stacks infinitely.
    Every 5 hits inflicts stun for 5 seconds.

    Heavy Attack (1 hit): When charging a heavy attack, Voltage gains power. Fully charged gets a bar and a half of power. Refreshes all Shock debuffs.

    Special 1 (5 hits): Voltage slashes the opponent twice with his sword, then shoots a bolt of electrictiy that hits three times.
    Applys 2 bleed debuffs, each dealing 250 damage each over 5 seconds.
    Stuns the opponent for 5 seconds.

    Special 2 (4 hits): Voltage shoots 2 bolts of electricity from his hands, flys foward with an uppercut, then throws his sword.
    Applys 2 Shock debuffs, each dealing 500 damage each over 5 seconds.
    Applys 1 Bleed debuff, dealing 250 damage over 5 seconds.

    Special 3 (9 hits): Voltage gets struck by lightning, and shoots the opponent to the wall with elecricity (3 hits). He flies foward, slashing the opponent 5 times. He flies up and shoots an explosive.
    Enters Overcharged Mode for 20 seconds.
    Applys 5 Shock debuffs, each dealing 500 damage over 5 seconds.
    Applys 2 Bleed debudds, each dealing 250 damage over 5 seconds.
    Stun opponent for 7 seconds.
    Refreshes all Shock and Bleed Debuffs.

    Sig ability: Voltage gains more power for each shock debuff on the opponent, and self repair heals 35% health. Max sig-45% health.

    Strengths: Opponents who can bleed and be shocked. Voltage relies on debuffs for his damage.

    Weaknesses: If opponents are immune to bleed, shock, or stun, his damage output drops significantly.

    Synergies: Bitter Rivals w/ Inferno (Brothers)
    Voltage: Gains 10% Power gain when fighting villains.
    Inferno: Gains 10% Power gain when fighting heros.

    Shocking, isn't it? w/ Thor (Ragnorok) and Storm
    Shock damage increases with lost health. Max 20% increase.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    Inferno is one of many of my OG characters. He has a robotic suit that can shoot flames. He weilds a sword. He is a better fighter than Voltage, but Voltage has the better suit.

    Bio: After Logan saved his life, he bacame filled with anger. He invented a suit simular to Logan's, but it isnt as good. He has trained in various martial arts and has fought with many villains.

    Tags: Size:M, Villian, Metal, Control: Agressive

    Abilities: Persistant Charge
    Armour Break
    Incinerate Immune

    Stats: Attack-High
    Crit Rate-Med
    Perfect Block-Med

    Passive: Always on his toes, Inferno has a 35% chance to evade medium attacks.

    Passive: All sword attacks have a 33% chance to bleed, dealing 250 damage over 2 seconds. This can stack infinitely.

    Passive-Rage Mode: All armour related stats drop to low, but attack is increased by 100%.

    Passive: For every 5 armour breaks, the opponent gains a concussion debuff for 10 seconds.

    Persistant Charge: Inferno carries all armour breaks from fight to fight. Max:100

    Heavy Attack (3 hits): Applies 3 permanent armour breaks, each reducing armour by 200. Can stack infinitely.

    Special 1 (3 hits): Inferno slashes the opponent twice with his sword, then unleashes a wave of fire.
    Applys 2 Bleed debuffs, each dealing 250 damage over 5 seconds.
    Applys 1 Incinerate Debuff, dealing 450 damage over 3 seconds.

    Special 2 (6 hits): Inferno slashes his sword twice, kicks the opponents, then shoots some flames (3 hits).
    Applys 2 Bleed debuffs, each dealing 500 damage over 5 seconds.
    Applys 3 Incinerate debuffs, each dealing 550 damage over 3 seconds.

    Special 3 (6 hits): Inferno ejects from his suit and equips it to the opponent (automatically flies on them). The suit engulfs in flames, then explodes.
    Applys 5 Incinerate debuffs, each dealing 2500 damage over 3 seconds (next time activated, only apply 1 incinerate).
    Applies 10 armour breaks
    Enters Rage Mode for 20 seconds.

    Sig ability: Incinerate Damage is increased based on the number of armour breaks. Max 20% increase
    Max Sig-Increases the armour rating while in rage mode Max 20% Increase

    Strengths: Champions that are not incinerate immune will have trouble fighting against Inferno.

    Weakness: Champions with Offensive Ability Reduction Accuracy with prevent incinerate, bleed, and armour break debuffs from applying.

    Synergies: Bitter Rivals w/ Inferno (Brothers)
    Voltage: Gains 10% Power gain when fighting villains.
    Inferno: Gains 10% Power gain when fighting heros

    Hot Headed w/ Human Torch and Massacre
    All Incinerates last 2 seconds longer.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    Dieskrad is one of many of my OG characters. He has many powers and has extremly tough armour.

    Bio: Born with his powers, Dieskrad defended his planet from an alien attack, but the planet was destroyed. He killed the entire alien species, and contiues to look for the perfect planet to live on. Earth.
    Class: Universal/Cosmic

    Abilities: Persistant Charge
    Omega Armour
    Omega Immunities
    Plasma Charge
    Undying Strength

    Stats: Attack-High
    Crit Rate-High
    Perfect Block-High

    Passive-Persistant Charge: Everytime Dieskrad defeats an opponent, he gains a charge (max:5). During a fight, Dieskrad can dash back and hold block for 3 seconds, cosuming a charge and regenerates 20% health instantly.

    Passive-Omega Armour: Dieskrads armour is extremly tough, making all attack reduce their damage by half and all critical hits by 75%. This armour grants immunities to bleed, posin, shock, incinerate, taunt, concussion, coldsnap, and frostbite. This armour can be broken, removing immunities and resistants for 60 sec with 6 armour breaks.

    Passive-Plasma Charge: All plasma hits are gaurenteed critical hits.
    First and Second medium, 3rd light, Heavy attack (2 hits).

    Passive-Undying Strength: Dieskrad gets stronger when he losses health.
    When below 90%-Gains a permanent Fury Buff, increasing attack by 500.
    80%-Plasma Charge becomes 20% stronger.
    70%-Grants a permanent True Strike buff, stopping opponents from evading and auto-blocking.
    60%-Plasma Charge becomes 30% stronger (total:50%).
    50%-Specials have a 30% chance to stun for 5 seconds.
    40%-Power rate is increased by 15%
    30%-Plasma Charge becomes 50% stronger (total:100%)
    20%-All specials are unstopable. Grants a 5 sec unstopable buf after special is over.
    10%-All specials are unblockable
    5%-When Dieskrad is hit, he gains indestuctablility for 10 seconds. Cooldown is 20 seconds. Must be hit to activate again.
    If Dieskrad heals, he will lose abilities gained. He must remain below x% to keep that ability(s).

    Special 1 (3 hits): Dieskrad lifts up 2 bolders from the ground via telekinesis, throws them, and punches the opponent with plasma
    Gaurenteed Critical Hit

    Special 2 (4 hits): Dieskrad punches the opponent twice, kicks them, then makes a wave of plasma.
    3 Gaurenteed Critical Hits

    Special 3 (6 hits): Dieskrad engulves himself in plasma, uppercutting the opponent into space. He flies with them and hits them into the moon. He uses telekinesis to throw them towards the sun. He shoots a plasma beam that drives them right into the sun. He ruturns to Earth.
    Gaurennteed to do 2000 direct damage (plasma hits) and normal attack damage.

    Sig Ability: Dieskrad keeps his abilities even after healing above the Undying Strength Percentage.
    Increases stun durration to 6 seconds. Max sig is 7 seconds.

    Strengths: Anyone who can evade/autoblock will be easily stopped.
    Immunities will create problems for many champs.
    Armour will not be a problem for Dieskrad because of plasma charges.

    Weaknesses: anyone who can stack armour creaks fast (Medusa, Sentinel, Captain Marvel MCU)

    No Synergies

    Thanks for reading and commenting.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    These are just for fun, but I feel like no one reads them, which is the whole point of making these Character Creations.
    If I post them, they get closed.
    Whats the point anymore? My work dosnt get noticed and if it does, it gets shut down.
    Oh well. :(
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