Inferno-Orignial MCoC Character Design

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Inferno is one of many of my OG characters. He has a robotic suit that can shoot flames. He weilds a sword. He is a better fighter than Voltage, but Voltage has the better suit.

Bio: After Logan saved his life, he bacame filled with anger. He invented a suit simular to Logan's, but it isnt as good. He has trained in various martial arts and has fought with many villains.

Tags: Size:M, Villian, Metal, Control: Agressive

Abilities: Persistant Charge
Armour Break
Incinerate Immune

Stats: Attack-High
Crit Rate-Med
Perfect Block-Med

Passive: Always on his toes, Inferno has a 35% chance to evade medium attacks.

Passive: All sword attacks have a 33% chance to bleed, dealing 250 damage over 2 seconds. This can stack infinitely.

Passive-Rage Mode: All armour related stats drop to low, but attack is increased by 100%.

Passive: For every 5 armour breaks, the opponent gains a concussion debuff for 10 seconds.

Persistant Charge: Inferno carries all armour breaks from fight to fight. Max:100

Heavy Attack (3 hits): Applies 3 permanent armour breaks, each reducing armour by 200. Can stack infinitely.

Special 1 (3 hits): Inferno slashes the opponent twice with his sword, then unleashes a wave of fire.
Applys 2 Bleed debuffs, each dealing 250 damage over 5 seconds.
Applys 1 Incinerate Debuff, dealing 450 damage over 3 seconds.

Special 2 (6 hits): Inferno slashes his sword twice, kicks the opponents, then shoots some flames (3 hits).
Applys 2 Bleed debuffs, each dealing 500 damage over 5 seconds.
Applys 3 Incinerate debuffs, each dealing 550 damage over 3 seconds.

Special 3 (6 hits): Inferno ejects from his suit and equips it to the opponent (automatically flies on them). The suit engulfs in flames, then explodes.
Applys 5 Incinerate debuffs, each dealing 2500 damage over 3 seconds (next time activated, only apply 1 incinerate).
Applies 10 armour breaks
Enters Rage Mode for 20 seconds.

Sig ability: Incinerate Damage is increased based on the number of armour breaks. Max 20% increase
Max Sig-Increases the armour rating while in rage mode Max 20% Increase

Strengths: Champions that are not incinerate immune will have trouble fighting against Inferno.

Weakness: Champions with Offensive Ability Reduction Accuracy with prevent incinerate, bleed, and armour break debuffs from applying.

Synergies: Bitter Rivals w/ Inferno (Brothers)
Voltage: Gains 10% Power gain when fighting villains.
Inferno: Gains 10% Power gain when fighting heros

Hot Headed w/ Human Torch and Massacre
All Incinerates last 2 seconds longer.

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