Looking for Allys focused on AQ: Map 4 or 5.

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Hi folks, I’m looking for an Ally aligned with my current/progression goals in the game. I'd rather not rush and go with a stable Ally where I could stay/grow for a long time.

Some context
I'm London based. Lvl 55. Been playing for 6 months. My current goals is to become uncollected in the next months and have now a solid 4* roster (and already a couple 5*) that I'm happy with. I'm more keen to get resources to get this team ready rather than new champs but that's also my current "catch". My current Ally is full of awesome folks :) but they play map 3 and 4tcc is very hard to hoard thus preventing my progression/goals.

That said, I'm looking for a chilled yet organized Ally, focused on AW and AQ, that communicate properly (I’m on Line and/or WhatsApp). Preferably map 4/5, 5x p/week. Although I'm no boss-killer (yet!)... I'm committed, active and will prioritize Ally events, follow up with any in-house rules and boost champs for AW if required.

Below is my current champs, and a legend with the shorter-term personal agenda. Drop me a line if you think I could fit your Ally goals. pedroteixeira07 @Line of just message me.


  • Blaz1ng_3ch0Blaz1ng_3ch0 Posts: 141
    Hey. We are a pretty chilled alliance but take aq and aw seriously. We ranked silver3 last season. We do aq map 4 and 3/2 (for full exploration. And for the weaker guys). We use whatsapp for communication but not necesarry
    Alliance: Fire strike
    Or find me in game
    In game name: Blazing Echo
  • pedroteixeira07pedroteixeira07 Posts: 191
    Thanks for reaching out mate (and the rest of the folks in Line) - I found an Ally now.

    @Kabam staff (or whoever can help) - is there any way to freeze/remove the post so it doesn't create noise in the forum and avoid people recruiting to open it for nothing? I can't seem to find the functionality. Thanks
  • SirManuelSirManuel Posts: 10
    AQ focus, 4/3/3. AW optional. Add me if interested. In game name GECaBi
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