Silver 2 alliance looking to add active members

Run 2 BG. Also AQ map4 and map3 while running AW. Must use Line to communicate. Contact me on Line or MCOC if interested. User name is Jaxjay2


  • Mr_Slippy666Mr_Slippy666 Posts: 5
    Wanna do a merge? We r semi retired and don’t do a lot of in game content, so we focus on AW and AQ. AQ maps 2/4 AW tire 7 but we wanna e better. No donations. Let me know in game name is Unfukwitable
  • KonatufeKonatufe Posts: 5
    I can offer a Merge as well, we've been doing 2 bgs in war map3/4 sometimes 5. we got a group of active users very commited
  • OldRandyManOldRandyMan Posts: 3
    Looking for easygoing player aq and war map3
  • JaxjayJaxjay Posts: 50
    Not looking for mergers. Just need to add one or two active members
  • Mr_Slippy666Mr_Slippy666 Posts: 5
    If anyone wants to group is 16mill with semi retired killers. We will look at all offers
  • JaxjayJaxjay Posts: 50
    Still looking to add one to two active members. Message me using Line or MCOC - Jaxjay2
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