I can't decide if this is funny or just flat out insane

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So... I went to check my alt account today to find myself kicked out of my alliance. I do some more investigating and find out every other member in the entire alliance was kicked. We had all been active in war and now none of us can get season rewards. I feel like we should get some sort of reward since we did more than the amount of wars that are needed for rewards. What are the communities thoughts?


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    Posts like these make me not want to return to AW or AQ
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    Buttehrs said:

    Theres really nothing you can do. It sucls that some jack off does this and it happens often enough that kabam should do something about it but at the moment your all kinda screwed.

    For sure mate, it really is a scary thing.. anyone at Kabam if you see this please look into this 👍
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