Deadpool upgrade?

Hey guys, don't you also think that Deadpool should use his swords for basic attacks like Gwenpool does. You know, Deadpool is like the face of Marvel and should be better and more useful in the game in my opinion.

Wouldn't it be better if he were a bleed champ? If Kabam ever updates Deadpool one day, they should take this idea into consideration. What are your thoughts on this?


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    Face of marvel? Dunno where I missed that message. I’ve always seen Spider-Man and Captain America as the face of Marvel

    Yeah it would be nice, but I’m never gonna get a red pool anyways cause I’m mostly f2p and already have X23
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    Deadpool is already upgraded.

    As Goldpool.
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    Deadpool should be easier to get above 3* and made available as a 5&6* first before he gets any kind of buff
  • Doesn't he already cause Bleed ? (or do you mean the damage should be greater ?)

    As for him using his swords more, well he was REALLY bad at using his swords (at least defensively) against Cable 😀
    Not sure he really would know how to use them much better to attack (he is afterall a Cosmic, I mean “Comic” character).
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    The Mutant class is stacked already, not as much as Cosmic but not too far away. We have the Colossus buff coming and Namor in the next update (who looks amazing from the early abilities).
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