Ban issue due to account sharing

I have two accounts of mcoc so, if keep logging both accounts in same mobile so, am i gonna be ban or it okay to use two accounts in one mobile


  • Multiple accounts and multiple devices are allowed.
    Playing on an account that doesn't belong to you it isn't
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    As long as they're both yours, you have nothing to worry about. Multiple Accounts are allowed.
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    stop posting these obnoxious threads, there are 50 others just like it

    Many of these posts are being put up because people are trying to figure out how they detect account sharers. What happens is they use the camera on your phone to see who's playing and see if it matches the picture they have on record. That's what all the lag is about, the facial recognition software running. Be safe, wear a mask when playing.

    i know why they are doing it. but the posts are unnecessary. users could put in 5 minutes to research before posting or om a mod for clarification
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    thought OP's name was KabamArmpit XD
  • Hey there!

    There is a thread regarding multiple accounts already. Please check it out by clicking here.
    For this reason, I am going to go ahead and close this thread.
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