Killmonger cant chain combo sp2

As the title says there is 50/50 that you can chain killmongers sp2 after MLLLM


  • Mcocplayer1Mcocplayer1 Posts: 36
    i have found this issue too. It's to do with the AI reaction time increasing by that millisecond so you have to literally hit the special at lightning speed after the final medium hit.

    If you are a millisecond too slow the opponent will be blocking by the time the SP2 animation kicks in.

    Got used to faster playing style now though.
  • Unknown_SoldierUnknown_Soldier Posts: 101
    We shouldn't have to "get use to" ridiculous reaction timing of AI. This game has been out 3 years...the core mechanics have ALWAYS been you can chain specials into combos. Any other fighting game in existence they dont suddenly update AI and not tell people. This game has filters to prevent profanity, kids play this game. That means this game should be playable to anyone with decent skill. The AI shouldn't be able to instantly recover after a parry and counter parry, it shouldn't be able to instantly dash back then forward into a combo. We paid money and took time to unlock masteries like Parry, Petrify, etc. These abilities have been affected by the new AI. When basic abilities like BLOCK no longer work and AI can just bypass stun from parry.......that's not challenge that's not in novato e it's cheap gaming mechanics. Losing because u mess up or because u lack skill or knowledge is one thing....losing because AI is able to react faster than humanly possible and punch through blocks and basic mechanics is just garbage.
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