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    Perhaps not 5/65s, but still unusual choices. They've done me well. No regrets, no desire for Tickets. YOLO.

    I wouldnt think Rocket was a unusual choice if it was a few years ago before 12.0, that dude used to wreck, tbh he still kinda does. Have mine at R3. Thor is pretty cool, nice prestige, and Hawkeye is great too. Saw a 6* R2 Unawake Hawkeye last night. Pretty neat.
    but I chose to use an AG on him because I didn't have many options at the time.
    Oh yeah, I can feel you there. Since I was Uncollected back last December, I got that 5* Awakening Gem Crystal, pulled Mutant. Was pretty sad, wanted a Cosmic for Hyperion. Since I thought I'd never pull any of the good 5* Mutants, like Omega Red, Domino, Archangel or Emma Frost, I decided to use the Gem on my X-23
    ... 3 days later, pulled a 5* Archangel. Contacted the Support team to ask them to unapply the Gem, but they couldnt as I already chucked a couple Stones into her as well. Tragic. So i decided to embrace the madness, and shes my first 5/65. No regrets, she hits pretty hard.

    This will conclude story time with SOG now XD
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    Drooped2 said:

    Few of these are prob rare

    Did you rank that Colossus before or after the buff was confirmed? Props to you either way.
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    Drooped2 said:

    Few of these are prob rare

    Cap marvel was my first r4 😁 that punisher must be a beast😧 would love if I dupe mine
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    I r4 both She hulk and spidey gwen before it was cool
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    @Mirage_Turtle very insightful, thank you!
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    4.55 jane foster,colossus,punisher
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    I don't have many, but i don't rank up for synergies, which may be wierd. 😕
    If I ever get a 5* Punisher I will definitely be ranking him up though. Probably to R5 too.
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    I’ve seen a 6* rank 2 duped OG Cap. Or maybe it was WWII. Either way. That was interesting.
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    Worth it? How does he fare against non buffed champions?
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    Worth it? How does he fare against non buffed champions?
    He destroys champs with buffs and against non buffed enemies just charge the heavy and his normal hits crit for about 7-10k.

    But i’ll probably just put him on defense
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    My first R4 5* was OG Captain Marvel
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    Just saw another 5/65 Iron Patriot today.
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    Should probably clarify, Hawkeye isn't that rare, but he's in there because I used an Awakening Gem on him. Lol.

    I fought a 5/65 Hawkeye in arena the other day. First one I’d seen.
    That's rare!
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    Hamin said:

    Didn't somebody 4/55 Groot? Coulda swore I heard talk of that on here. Forgot who.

    I am Groot.

    You must be out of T5B because I see a possible missed opportunity here 😝😝
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    I remember seeing in the arena a R5 5* Ultron.
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    @Mirage_Turtle insightful assessment of DS. Thanks!
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    Inigo said:

    I guess we are talking about rare rank up, not popular one
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    Not everyone's first choice; and doesn't always finish fights quickly; but he's very useful in the right circumstances (Empathic Lock nodes are a personal favourite):

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