A Slayer and his Champions

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Hi everyone! Welcome to A Slayer and his Champions, with your host: Slayer of Go-

5/50 Void: What the Hell are you doing? Are you trying to rip off Hamin?



No, I figured l I'd just wing it.

5/50 Archangel: That's my job!

Void: You suck, since when do you not have a plan?

Well, my plan was to bring you and AA into Act 6, but I guess Kabam doesn't like you that much. I wonder why... I guess it's too much for y'all to handle now. Guess you're too weak.

5/50 Magik: Son of a--

4/55 Hyperion: Hey, calm down there, we don't want this thread closed down like Hamin's.

All of my 4* Champions: YOU'RE HIS WEAKEST 4/55! Only 7300?!


4* Champions: No! Were tired of you using us like backup options! Second choices! We can do more than that!

3* Champions: w-what about u--

4* Champions: No! Now that you used us to get through Uncollected and beat the Collector, we just aren't good enough for you anymore? That's not fair!

5/50 Moon Knight: What about me? You even let ME fight the Collector, now all you use me for is Arena... :(

Well, you need a buff.

Moon Knight: I'm more buff than you -_-

3* Heimdall: Guys, no! It's scary out there! SOG used to bring me into his team for Synergy in Act 5 and Uncollected, its too scary out there! I'm glad he pulled the 5* of me from that last Cavalier Crystal, phew!

..guys.. Lets just get through this, okay?

4* Champions: You don't love us anymore :(

Guys, this post isn't very constructive, Kabam Miike's gonna close it.

4* Champions: We aren't happy with you anymore! Were gonna boycott your roster!


3)4* Champions: Aha! We got him scared now!

Or I could just sell all of you... :)

4* Champions: *gasp* you wouldnt!

I have before...

4* Champions: you need us for rating!

Yeah but I need the ISO.

4* Champions: For who? Youd sell a 4* to level up who?

Someone who I can use in Act 6. Or my 6* Deadpool X-Force.

4* Champions: Okay, fine, but you need to give us more chances ti fight.


6* DPX: This post is gonna get so many LOLs!

If only I could tag Kabam Thrillson, he has a 6* Deadpool X-Force too.

6* DPX: Kabam Thrillson has an in-game account?

Yeah, it's called Wade_Thrillson. All his top Champions are Deadpool characters.

6* DPX: Now were talking.... >:)

5/65 X-23: *sigh* Can we get back to Questing now, instead of making this stupid thread?

6* Luke Cage: Yeah , I'm tired from all those Map 5 Morningstars...

6* Korg: Yeah, and you're creating another small alliance on your other account, too. Anyone wanna join the revolution?

...this is gonna get out in the alliance recrutment section by Kabam Zibbitt now. Thanks a lot, now nobody's gonna see it.

4/55 Quake: Perhaps it's better that .


5/65 X-23: Hey! Stop that!

Hey, I chose her, back off!

Sentinel: {OW! MY BOLTS!}

*sigh* Lets go...


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    Dang my boy Moonknight roasted you 😂😂
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    Honestly didn't plan any of it, actually winged it, and theres a few typos and mistakes in there worth refining.

    Also paging @Hamin are you there sir?
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    1*: I think we should leave rosters and get out of this contest. I am tired of sitting around doing nothing. It is time for us to find a purpose.

    2*: Hey! Us too!

    1*: I think we should leave rosters and get out of this contest. I am tired of sitting around doing nothing. It is time for us to find a purpose.

    2*: Hey! Us too!

    3*: And me!
    4* Not me I'm still viable.
    Kabam: Not so fast.
    4*: Can I join your crusade now too?
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    This post, I like it. Another!
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    Awesome, more of these fun kind of threads are always great. Keep it up!
    (Press F to pay respects for Hamin's thread lol)
    Quake is an inhuman not a mutant Sentinel that’s profiling and that’s also Iron Man’s job ;)
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    Glad you guys are liking it, I'll be sure to make another one soon!

    (thank you @Hamin for your blessing it means a lot 🙌)
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    Episode 2 is out!
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    Okay... Its been deleted for no reason. Awesome!

    Okay... Its been deleted for no reason. Awesome!

    I was wondering where it was what’d u type in there
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    PIZZATIME said:

    Okay... Its been deleted for no reason. Awesome!

    I was wondering where it was what’d u type in there
    I bumped it once? I guess? There wasnt anything remotely bad in there. Its been deleted, just DMed the mods, gonna find out whats up. That took long to write. Thoroughly ticked off atm. Thanks Kabam. Love ya. <3
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    I have the script saved, will delete whatever they found wrong with it and repost it after I get a response.
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    I'm starting to think the mods don't want us to have these kinds of fun threads... Don't let it get you down though, you still have a (fairly) large audience supporting you!
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    Alright, it's all cleared up now, just heard back from them, and this is their reply, in case it helps anyone who wants to do these sorts of things:

    "It's better to keep it all posted into the same thread rather than doing multiple threads as it falls into the same context. I believe your original post may have gotten caught in our Spam Filter, but for any future posting of this please keep it within your original post to keep it all organized."

    I will be reposting Episode 2 shortly.
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    A Slayer and his Champions

    Episode 2

    Hey, guys, did you hear? Kabam just released information about a new 98 Day Summoner Appreciation Calandar!

    6* Luke Cage: Oh, sweet ####ing Christmas. If only there were a "Champion Appreciation Calendar". Pft! Big deal!

    Hyperion: Yeah, I'm sure it's nice being appreciated.

    1* Spider-Man: ...tell me about it...

    Guys, there's a 5* Awakening Gem Crystal on the last day.

    *every 5* Champion gets on their feet*

    All Unawakened 5* Champions: "Give it to me!" "No, me!"

    Annihilus: IT'S MINEEEEE!!!

    *everyone* ...

    *everyone looks for Annihilus*

    Where is he?

    X-23: you don't even HAVE Annihilus yet.

    ...that was weird...

    3* Thing: Yeah, if this stupid Solo Event thing taught ya anything, it's to make sure you collect every Champion from the Arena's.

    Yeah... I don't have Annihilus or Diablo

    3* Human Torch: Yeah, no loss there. They suck. You better bring my sister into our team too.

    I'll try, but she doesn't look that great, abilities wise, in my opinion.

    3* Namor: ...bring her...

    Why? Because you have the Romance Synergy with her?

    Namor: Pffft! Whaaaat? Nooo. Absolutely not. Haha..

    Are you sure you want her on the team? She only has the special "JUST Friends" Synergy with you.


    Hey, clam down, Squidward.

    Ebony Maw: Does this chattering animal speak for you?

    *looks around* dude, I don't even have an Ebony Maw, OR a Cull Obsidian.

    Human Torch: No loss there, either. He also hits as hard as a noodle.

    Anyway, 5* Squad, one of you is gonna get Awakened in about 3 months. Roll call, Mystic!

    Mordo! Get out, you're already Awakened! Mephisto? Nah.

    Mephisto: How about a deal?

    No, I already made a deal with you when I signed your contract on my second account during your Event Quest back in October, you took my soul, but not this accounts soul. I tricked you. Get out.

    Unstoppable Colossus? No. Dormammu? No thanks.

    Dormammu: I've come to bargain.

    Then go to Thanos' yard sale, everything half off, no refunds.

    Let's see... Hood? Sorry bud, not today. Aha! Symbiote Supreme, I already 4/55ed you for 6.2, looks like you'll get the Awaken if it's a Mystic. Congrats.

    Symbiote Supreme: Yesss!

    Alright, Cosmics, Angela, Superior Ironman, Drax, get outta line, you're already Awakened.

    Drax: But how did you see me? I was standing perfectly still.

    I used the 5* and Cosmic filter, you can't hide from me. Get outta here.

    Heimdall? No, just for Synergy. Ronan, I did get you from the UMCOC Podcast Discord Challenge from the 5* Featured Crystal, (Thank you to JJW! Make sure to check out the UMCOC Discord Server and their Podcast on Soundcloud.) but no thanks.

    That leaves Venom and Hyperion... Hmm... Sorry Eddy, I'm going with Hype.

    Venom: ..leasssst I have a movie, and I'm not a copy of a certain character from another universsse!

    Okayyy... Tech. Green Goblin and Doc Ock. Nah. Oh! Here's a tough one: Iron Patriot.

    You're really great, yknow?

    Iron Patriot: I am? Err- I mean-- I am!

    You've done so much for me, yknow.

    Iron Patriot: Like what, sir?

    ...you've made me very very miserable, because I've pulled you 3 times.

    Iron Patriot: *salutes* MURICA! 🇺🇸

    Hmm, Sentinel or Rocket. Yeah, Sentinel.


    ...that was-- don't do that again.

    Alright, Mutant time... Let's see, Magneto, sorry bud, you need a buff. Beast? I think you're okay, but you need a major stat increase. Hmm, Gambit and X-23 already Awakened... Hmm. Cyclops. Red Cyclops...

    Cyclops: *looks hopeful*

    Yknow, I hear you're pretty effective for AQ.

    Cyclops: Yes, @Kabam Miike uses me in Map 10 all the time.

    That's ni- wait, Map 10?

    Yes, Map 1- I've said too much already.

    Okay..? Oh, but you're already Awakened, what a shame.

    Cyclops: Aw man, back to Map 10 I go...

    Oh, here's a question I never thought I'd ask myself (in a serious way, at least); Awaken Archangel or Colossus?

    Colossus: Kabam Miike already tweeted that they're testing my buff, he says I'm "his boy" now.

    Cyclops: EXCUSE ME?

    Colossus: Ya, my Armor is getting increased and I'm gonna have Thorns damage.

    Cyclops: That cheating #######! I'm gonna Armor Break you, and die on his 6* Kamala Khan mini boss to embarrass him!

    Cyclops, we all know you're too effective to die in AQ. Now, I guess we will have to see how good your buff is, Colossus, but for now I'm going with Archangel. Alright Skill.


    Wow my 5* Skills really suck. Moon Knight, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Kingpin, Daredevil Netflix, Hawkeye, Black Panther CW... And Thor Ragnarok, Gwenpool and Elektra already Awakened.



    Okay, Science. Cap, no, She Hulk and Quake, nah.

    She Hulk: Why not me? Haven't you seen me solo the 6.2 Champion?

    Quake: And why not me? You have me at 4/55.

    Imo, neither of you need your Signature to be good. Also, She Hulk, I'm already bringing Sym Supreme up for that Champion boss, and your Sig against him would be useless as it doesn't trigger agaisnt him because he is a "Universal" Class. Void, looks like you'll get the Gem if it's Science.

    Void: Yay!

    5/50 Void: Why though? You already have me at Sig 99 as well!

    That's true, but I can't use you in Act 6, where I need you.

    Void: But that's not fair!

    I know it's not, take it up to the game team, I already tried. You can express your disagreement, just keep it constructive.

    Void: Yes, but if I make another Forum account, they'll ban me, since I'm you. And if I get on your forum account and post it, it's account sharing and they'll ban both of us.


    Void: ...

    Okay, looks like I have my choices ready. Symbiote Supreme, Hyperion, Sentinel, Archangel, (dear God please don't give me a Skill unless I pull Masacre, Ægon, Killmonger or Blade) and Void.


    Annihilus: IT'S MINEEEEE!!!


    *Sentinel swings his arms around, using his bug spray*

    Dude! That's the wrong bug spray! That's the one that gets used to add bugs to the game! *cough*

    Sentinel: {UH-OH}

    Hurry-- gu//:; intø#\%::/g£øbal [email protected]!//;:/------


    Error: 404://: problem_loading_script//:press_"LOL"_or_"Awesome"_to reboot_::;/End.
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    A Slayer and his Champions

    Bonus Episode: The Early/Late Calendar

    Okay lads, the community just lost their mind...

    Luke Cage: Oh no... *sits by Alliance Bases' grave*

    X-23: Lets hear it, SOG

    Today, we lost yet another comrade to the "working as intended accidents"; the Summoner Appreciation Calendar.

    *everyone gasps*

    Yes, I know, its tragic. First they add another Spidey to the game, Domino continues to wreck everyone, Alliance War attack phase doesnt start, combat lag, Dungeons breaking chat, and now, the Calendar. Now Kabam are yelling at their server hamsters, and everyone lost their mind.

    Domino: You do know that they said the calandar would be starting July first, right?


    Domino: It's June 30th.

    ...b-but they said "right now" in the in-game message...

    Domino: They sent that out a day too early, be patient like @SpiderCools said.

    Okay, I'll be patient.

    *Luke Cage steps away from Alliance Bases' grave, as it still says those 2 words on the headstone: "Coming Soon"*

    Avenge the Fallen
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