Thank you Kabam for extending the rifts!!

That may be the prettiest thing I’ve seen in this game.


  • CtuchikCtuchik Posts: 156
    I got another 500 shards, but its 500 more than it should have been 😁
  • phillmostphillmost Posts: 7
    edited July 2019
    Yeah thanks for extending the rifts, Kabam. I got the little bit of tier 3 Coral I needed from the last FF Champion Use event rank rewards to run one last epic rift. And guess what? You can no longer buy tier 4 coral with tier 3 coral in the store. So I can’t run epic even though technically I have the resources to do so. I love Kabam. Well, congrats to you anyway for that awakening gem.
  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 955 ★★★
    Can’t you just run a master rift to get the t4 coral?
  • phillmostphillmost Posts: 7
    Hmmm... maybe so, I’ve run nothing but epic so I didn’t even think of it.
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