Young Allience with older members ready to grow

We broke away from a previous alliance due to lack of growth. We decided to stay low key for awhile so all current members could grow without distraction. We are now @ a point were we want to expand. We clear map 4&5 in AQ and participate in war everytime its open. We are working professionals so we understand the times when the real world is more important than the game. My in game name is Bizness513. Check us out.


  • BoNDaZeRBoNDaZeR Posts: 16
    Add me line: selemdahmen
  • We want an alliance merge...we run AW every week & AQ 5 x map 4, we do alliance events like: item use, completion event,duels...we are 19 players but we will bring 15 to 17 active players...we use line app for for swartzy84 for more info
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