Okay so let me get this straight

So a day before July 4th offers kabam hits me with a 7k contest credit “ for refunds” then an hour later it’s 14k contest credits I’m like okay what’s going on I email their “support” they said it’s for “refunds” again I said okay weird. THEN I get hit again and it’s at 24k contest credits lol I’m like okay kiss July 4th rewards goodbye not paying 139.99 x 3 then I log on to my account today after missing July 4 offers AND it’s at 7k contest credits. Haven’t purchased any contest credits AT ALL. So thanks kabam you made me miss July 4th offers . Hope it gets rectified and emailing support is like talking to your computer. Goes nowhere. Unreal.


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    Just so u know, bumping your own post can get u in trouble on the forums. The mods cant help with individual accounts so I hate to say it but you are going to have to go through the support to get this figured out. Good luck and sorty u missed the 4th deals. Hopefully its fixed by cyber monday!
  • We do not discuss actions taken on individual accounts in the forums. Reach out to our support team and explain your situation, and they may be able to help you out.
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