Being a Leader of Ally sucks



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    Did Martin Luther King Jr. get adequately compensated for the role he played in changing America? Probably not, but he still felt the drive to do it.
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    I guess OP mixes up a game and a job. In game, everyone is virtually a shareholder and thus each one can get a equivalent share of rewards. If someone don’t join AQ/AW, they can’t get it. If ppl free ride team milestones, you can kick him out.

    This is a game where collective efforts is required in order to succeed. Being a leader, you can set the rules of your alliance, that’s it.

    Different leaders have different play styles, and that’s why some alliances are relatively stable and some aren’t.
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    @GroundedWisdom Tell me why do u play this game? You want more champs, more rewards and rank your champs. So do I.

    If I love to be a leader and help people without caring about rewards, I will be a social service leader.

    If you are grown up and have a family, you will surely want more rewards in less time and spend less time on game.

    If you are a teen, you may enjoy being leader in initial phase, but you will get tired if you have the capabilities to play in high tier ally and u are still stuck with low tier because of the members u love in your ally. One day u gonna repent of being a leader of ally.

    I know people who says it’s a thankless job and so on are teens who got enough time to play.

    wow, it's real simple. I'm the leader of one of my alliances because then i can run stuff on my schedule, no one can kick me, and that's that. 30 members, 27 of which aren't me, 12 million rating, dgaf about war, someone triggers AQ when it needs to be started, officers are folks who play, they decide who stays and goes. it's not that hard when it comes down to it, and I've been leader since late '16.
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    Just wanted to say the comparison of Alliance Leader = Manager isn’t a super accurate one. Of course the manager gets paid more, because they had to have specific, greater qualifications to get that role. All you need in order to be an alliance leader is the ability to press the create alliance button.
    It’s more accurate to say that alliance leadership is like labor union leadership. It’s separate from your actual job and you don’t get any specific benefits for holding the position. But if you’re good at it, the whole union benefits.
    This may be kind of a niche reference, idk if the player base is super familiar with labor union politics 😂
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    @GluteusMaximus if this is the reason I wanna be a leader then it’s a worthless position. That was the first thing I said when this thread started.

    The whole point was to get a fair reason to be a leader and not a social service worker.

    Game is for rewards and social service is for people.

    Being a game leader is not like parenting where you care your kids without conditions. If that’s was it is, then I guess it’s waste of precious time because it won’t pay up in the end.

    If a leader is capable of playing AQ Map 7 and he is still playing Map 5 because of the love he has for the team. It’s not worth to be a leader. Any team member cannot guarantee a lifetime membership in your ally. They will leave as they grow (if the ally is not growing).

    I read lots of comments in this thread, but none gives a reason to be a leader.

    Leaders don’t get paid, thankless job, it’s a game, and so on.... So it fairly sounds like being a leader is worthless job unless u have a team stronger than you or at least a team that matches your strength and not killing the rewards u deserve(from AQ/AW exploration).
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    I think the more fundamental sentiment here is that the game is increasingly putting a heavy strain on leadership in alliances. Officers and leaders are the bedrock of any competitive alliance - Map 7, and top tier AW requires tons of planning. The more kabam piles on the duties and responsibilities for these officers, the higher the chance of these same players burning out. It is a thankless job and takes up so much time.

    I'm coming at this from a macro game-perspective. Do we want to see a day where there are no players left who is willing to take up these responsibilities? Nobody would run map 7 if nobody is left to plan the paths and rosters and assignments.
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    Did Martin Luther King Jr. get adequately compensated for the role he played in changing America? Probably not, but he still felt the drive to do it.

    Was he a gamer? Some people do the job for money and some do for fame. You remember him because his deeds made him popular.

    It doesn’t matter what a great leader you are here, you will never get fame. Those 29 members and officers will remember you for a few days or a month may be. People might look at your profile and pity what u have achieved in years of gameplay that people can do in a short time.

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    I’m an officer. Same alliance from day one. Leader is awesome. We aren’t a top ranked alliance. Sucks for some rewards. We play to have fun. Everyone does the same. Work and family first.
    Never have issues with anyone. We all play as a team. Makes it easy for a leader.
    It’s about the person. Not the rewards. Most of my alliance is from Malaysia. Lots of translating. Lol. I’d never change alliance. Leader is always supportive and rarely asks of us.
    When you take it too serious and think you need more. Better rewards etc. you need to step back and realize it’s a game. It’s meant to be fun. If it’s not fun. Don’t play. Period.
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    Being a leader for some kind of physical (digital) reward, is not being a leader. A leader motivates a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

    I often find this is a natural quality some have and some do not. It can be a learned quality, but requires an open mind and selflessness to achieve. If it isn't your style just avoid the role, as you did.
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    I am sure you won’t like to be a manager in the company If you get the same salary what a clerk get, and the clerk will not spend his salary to get you a glass of juice.

    being a leader of an alliance is already has a reward, he gets everything the alliance earns. He gets to pick his alliance mates, and set the rules. Those are the benefits. Being a leader is optional
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    Having been a leader, officer, and regular member, being a leader is definitely the worst. If you have a great group of officers, then it's not bad, but the whole responsibility of keeping the alliance together is not exactly fun.

    Maybe if you run a laid back alliance it's more fun but any competitive situation is just a burden.
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    As a Leader, I don't want Rewards my guys aren't earning. That's not fair to me. That's just part of the responsibility. We oversee the Alliance and organize. Which, with experience, becomes pretty easy to do. You establish boundaries and expectations and deal with anything that comes up. Communication is key. You also have Officers you can trust to do the same.
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    If it's too much, you can delegate. That's why it's there. Also worth pointing out that anyone can be a Leader. Not everyone can be a good Leader. Not to imply anyone isn't. It just stands to be said.
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